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Can anyone recommend a lovely place to stay in Venice on a budget of not more than €40 a night for my boyfriend and I? Will be going in the middle of June Don't mind if it's not too central but would be great if we could do both. Yep, quite a challenge! Thanks

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Take a look at Cross-Pollinate . I found some relatively inexpensive places there, although I believe we're paying 50-some Euro apiece per night... It's worth a look, though!

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me and my boyfriend stayed in Venice in January and found a really nice&cosy place.
Although the hotel is situated about 15 min from Piazza San Marco, it's worth a visit. The staff is very nice (they even gave us a small discount), the rooms have air-conditioning, breakfast is small but quite good if ur not too picky and the price is good comparing to the prices of other hotels in Venice (around 30 euros but I'm not sure as the prices change due to the season).
It's called LOCANDA ARTE (San Marco 2900).

Make a reservation before u go! on this site (u have to pay a small deposit) :

Divertitevi a Venezia!


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Don't forget that in the hot summer weather Venice smells :) Where does the sewage go?

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When I was in Venice last July I arrived with no reservations and was met by a whole bunch of hotel owners that offer cheap rooms if they have some avalible. I think my friend and I payed about 50 euros for a double room with private bathroom about 10 minutes away from the train station...
Shop around if you see them, they will lower the price if you say your not interested or it is too expensive or something...

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I will try to find the name of it but we stayed at a great hostel a little outside with a free bus into town. There were bungalows with and without kitchens and also regular camping. There was a pool, internet, and laundry. I will find the name for you. It was really nice. :)

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In March we stayed at BB Al Soar which is really close to a vaporetto stop and good value for money, but might be a bit over what you're looking to pay (can't remember what we paid now). Booked it through

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This is what my girlfriend and I do everytime we go to Venice now. When you come out of the station and walk down the giant, grand steps out front go towards the left and there's a main, very long walking street (well, they're all walking streets since there are no cars in Venice) with tons of hotels. Also, at the very beginning of your walk , once you're on the ground, off the stairs and walking on the larger street look to the left and there's this little (almost) alley that has numerous inexpensive hotels and pensions down it. What I've noticed in Italy, the later in the day the lower the prices go because they really would prefer to sell more rooms at less profit then have them go completely empty over night . And remember, you can wheel and deal for your rooms in Italy. Plus, there's NO NEED to stay by Piazza San Marco because Venice closes down so early that you can always hang out at the piazza and then catch a water bus back to the train station (a 30 minute senic ride down the grand canal.) Staying by the train station is the way to go. Plus the restaurants are better - but you need to shop around a bit to find them....Zoom