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Hello Terry,

I would appreciate your thoughts. I am booked to go on a family holiday to Orlando (Disney) in 11 weeks time.

27 years ago I was charged for ABH and violent disorder at the age of 17. Essentially, It was a group of boys fighting other boys. I do not think the charges are classed as Moral turpitude - i.e. simple assault. However, because there are two charges I think applying for a visa could take time (more than 11 weeks).

I am going to tick NO on the ESTA form. I understand the risks etc. But I think there is more risk going down the visa route because of the time issue.

Do you agree?

Thanks so much.

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Yes I would click no you won't get an interview in time :)

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Hi. I think I have a bit of a different scenario to most on here, and have read through almost the entire thread.

I am from new zealand, and have lived here most of my life, but also have Irish citizenship/passport.

I am in my 30s now, and a year ago was charged and convicted for sexual offending from when I was 14 years old (so offending was 16 years ago). I'm not going into detail, but basically I was convicted as an adult for offending as a child. I was not sent to prison, but received a period of home detention. This all happened in nz. I have absolutely no other convictions or records since.

I wish to travel to mexico in the next couple of years to marry my fiancée who is mexican and who has been with me through all this. We currently live in nz and I don't believe I will have problems getting into mexico, however I am concerned about transiting through the states, which is by far the cheapest and easiest option.

Basically, I am wondering if because I was under 18 at the time of offending whether I would be ok on the ESTA, or whether to go for the visa waiver. I am also worried that even if I do get a visa waiver, the US may notify mexico about me under their agreements.

I have been to the US and mexico many times before.

Any advice or help would be much appreciated.


1344. Posted by Lucretia2016 (Inactive 14 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Yh your be fine to click no as any offences that took place before your 18th birthday are not really counted as long as you don't have multiple convictions and it's not serious drug convictions or terriost offences

1345. Posted by Penn85 (Budding Member 2 posts) 2y Star this if you like it!

Thanks for the reply. I'm just worried because the actual conviction was recent and as an adult, that it may still get flagged at customs even though it relates to offending as under 18.

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Penn - seems like a very grey area to me. I would suggest you consult an immigration lawyer on this.

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Hi friends. I have a situation and i have no clue how to get through. I am from Nepal and went for Study to UK in 2007. I stayed there until July 2014. During my stay in 2012 i had a offence for stolen cheque worth 500 pound which was not intensionally and was caught after cashing it after few hours. I went to police station, had finger print and photographed and was released in bail. I appeared in court and court ordered me 500 pound fine and 300 hours community work (this was harsh). I did what the court ordered me to do. I am now in my country working as a manager. I have considered to apply for my post-graduate study in USA and have received my i-20 from university. Should i declare my conviction and appear for interview or should i hide it?
Please help me as it will be help me a lot.

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Hi terry just wounding if you could help me out my boyfriend got arested in March for me drunk 🙈 they said his punishment was spending night in cells . But they tuck his fingerprints and name we are going to Las Vegas in 2 weeks what do we do ??

Thank you steff x

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Hey, just a quick question.

I've been accepted for a visa for 1 year and I'm due to travel within the next week. Was just wondering what to expect when I land in America. Like what sort of questions will they ask and do I need to take supporting documents about my criminal record or anything?

Thanks in advance

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Hi all,

I'm looking to travel to USA for 4 day trip.

I was under 18 when I was convicted of two separate assaults when 15 and 17 in UK.

To cover bases I got my acro but it states no live trace. From what I've seen this will now cause me more work tracking down additional documentation to show what the crimes were.

I've also seen on here people stating as i was classed as a minor it's not required to be declared.

Bit unsure what to do as I can't find any reference to under 18 on embassy website.

Please help! Was meant to be a surprise trip for me from the wife but it's now taken all the fun out of that and the surprise itself and causing a lot of stress!