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Hi everyone

We going to visit family in taxas my partner has a criminal record section20 GBH and got 6month in prison 10years ago

Anyone know if he can get away with the vwp esta or has to have proper visa??

Thanks hayley

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mike1990 - if what you have been given is a waiver of ineligibility, then I can help. if you mean an actual visa then i don't know...

when I first went with my waiver, when they scan yourc passport after landing something must show up on their screen. you will be taken to a room to be asked a few questions - make sure whoever you are travelling with knows to wait in baggage claim for you & collects your bags. you're not allowed to use your phone in the room so you won't be able to communicate with them.

they seem to call people up in no particular order. others are in the room for various reasons - when I went it seemed to be mostly heavily pregnant Chinese ladies who had not declared their pregnancy and seemed to be planning to give birth in the US. when I got called up they asked for a quick summary of why I needed the waiver, a few questions about my trip and what job I did back in the UK. they searched online for my company name so I suppose any proof like a business card or something could be useful.

then they stamp your passport and let you go, it's a huge relief at that moment! remember the waiver only let's you travel, they could still deny entry when you arrive so be as polite and cooperative as you were at the visa interview and it should be fine!

one more thing - depending who you fly with and from which airport, someone from US immigration may also speak to you at the UK airport before you fly out. I can't remember exactly what they said/asked, but they were based beside the check-in desk at Gatwick. hope this helps!

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Hi, Im just wondering if I could get some help please, Ive been reading through this thread for a few days now and was wanting a bit of reassurance if possible as I havent seen anything relatable.
My husband and I both have convictions, 1 for aggravated driving causing injury/death and mine are 2 x false pretences and 1 drink driving, all are at least 15 years old. Im aware that they fall under the moral turpitude catergory so we thought we would do the right thing and apply for a visa. We gathered all of our information and had our appointment a few days ago which was denied under section *** because of the moral turpitude, he has put through a recommendation for a visa waiver as the convictions were a while ago and we have turned our lives around. I just want to know what our chances of getting this is? Our kids are desperate to go to Disneyland and I really don't want to disappoint them. We are in NZ.
Thanks in advance.

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Sorry for the above novel, they told me it could take up to 6 months for an answer and if approved we send our passports in to get the visas put in them but Im just stressing that its not going to be approved :(

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loveitbeauty, unfortunately no one can answer your question.

Your application is in the bureaucratic mess that is US Immigration, you can only bug them every now and then for an update and wait it out.

It's too bad that you applied in the first place, your records were (are) meaningless.... until you tell the US....

Good luck.


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Thanks for your reply Terry, I just wanted to be honest because I'd be shaking in my boots when I got to customs and I think my face would have criminal written all over it.
The customs officer said I have a pretty good chance of getting the waiver but it's not guaranteed, I just wanted to know of other people's experiences of getting approved/denied from this point, thanks again :)

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Hi everyone
Just to let you know I arrived here in New York yesterday ,I did not buy another visa just used esta.The queue when we got off the plane for customs was a joke.The blokes just looked bored.Dont think they really cared who came into country.And their manners well honestly they don't have any.

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Hi people any ideas on my post from page 135 please??

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I was charge with possession of drugs class A in Uk 2014, given 12 month community order

I didn't see this post , and tried to apply for visa to Canada, to travel

If I try go usa now with out declaring record, will they see that I tried to apply for visa for Canada now ?


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Fatcontroller: Your situation has been addressed countless times. Read the last couple of dozen pages of this thread.

Jason: Your post makes no sense. Were you turned down for a Visa to Canada? Who knows what you're trying to say. Visa & Immigration are complicated issues, all the facts have to be laid out very concisely before anyone can venture a guess.