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Thought I'd share my experience

I have a criminal record for possession of cannabis and multiple counts of criminal damage

I went to the Embassy in Belfast. Told the truth and they recommended me for a 5 year visa, no drug test or anything like that. Interview was really simple, she didn't care about the criminal damage, just asked if my cannabis was for personal use and that was it.

I was then granted a 1 year visa in the end, by the folks in Washington.

Travelled to Orlando, at the passport control I was told to go for secondary questioning because of my criminal history.

At secondary questioning I was sat there for about half an hour. The guy called me up, asked how long i'm here for, what i'm doing here and what my job is. He then wished me a good holiday and that was it!

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Scooby - Leic2 is sadly incorrect again. Arson is a CIMT which makes you ineligible. A quick google search can tell you that. You would need to go through the waiver process. This takes 6-8 months in total.

Either roll the dice or be honest, but you categorically will not get a visa without going through the waiver process.

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Thanks think will go with the esta and rollthe dice thanks for replying

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I noted above that arson is a CIMT. At no point did I give any 'wrong' information, neither did I suggest that the poster would be eligible for an ESTA. Sorry if my post was not clear.

The incident occurred 19 years ago, when police procedures and powers were not the same as they are now. The poster was given a police caution for 'reckless arson'. He/she did not state whether he/she was arrested. It would be wrong to assume that, 19 years ago, a formal arrest always preceded a police caution.

An earlier post on this thread (not mine) stated:

> cautions aren’t seen as convictions in US law as it isn’t a punishment applied by a court of law. <

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CIMT ? argh. being cryptic...

found it : cancer immuno therapy :

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Crime involving moral turpitude. Basically anything debased, immoral with intention to harm either property or people, physically or financially. There’s a few grey areas, but think GBH, Arson, fraud, human trafficking, misrepresentation etc etc

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Acronyms can be very confusing because most of them mean different things in different contexts. If you crawl back through this entire lengthy thread, someone did actually say Crimes Involving Moral Turpitude (CIMT) in their post. One can't reread the entire thread for every post so sometimes it's a good idea to repeat the original meaning . . . or skip the acronym. When our daughter was in the Air Force, she spoke in acronyms. It's a foreign language used a lot by the military. Needless to say, we usually had no idea what she was saying.

The point is that you need to think about the context to get the meaning. Since we were talking about immigration and visas, cancer immuno therapy probably was not the correct definition so you need to search farther. In this case, it probably would be just as easy to ask here on the forum and save yourself some time.

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^ True... but let’s face it, a quick google search for “US VISA CIMT” would reveal all. - snip-

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Hey Travelman,
In the hybrid offences Isn’t CIMT considered crimes are intended to cause SERIOUS harm ?
I might be nitpicking your words a bit but it hits close to home as I have a simple assault pubfight charge where no one was hurt and barely touched (courts reflect that) so I get touchy with that definition.

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