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>what would be the chances of me getting in, <

I'm afraid no-one here or anywhere else can tell you the chances of you....or anyone else.....being granted a visa. The decision is made by the officer who interviews you (sometimes he/she has to discuss the case with a superior officer). That decision is based on *all* your personal details, your past history and your present circumstances. We're not privy to that information...nor should we there's no way of knowing the chances.

What I *can* tell you is that fraud is generally considered a CIMT (crime involving moral turpitude). If you are convicted of a CIMT you will require a 'waiver of ineligibility' before a visa is granted. It is the interviewing officer who decides (on the basis of internal guidelines) whether your criminal record involves CIMT and, if so, whether or not to recommend you for a waiver and, again, no-one here or anywhere else can tell you your chances for depends on all your other details. In my own opinion, and assuming everything else is ok (e.g. job, income, compelling reasons to return to the UK) you have a good chance of being recommended....but I am not an immigration lawyer.

Assuming you are recommended for a waiver do be prepared for a wait of several months before a decision is made. The London embassy suggests a processing time of 6-8 months, the Belfast consulate 3-4 months. It can sometimes be quicker if demand is low.

If the waiver is granted a visa will be issued, though not necessarily for the 'normal' 10-year period. They won't keep your passport during the process: you'll be emailed with the decision and asked to send it if your waiver is successful.

>would character references help?<

There's no reason why you shouldn't get them and take them to interview. You can let the officer know you have them but it is entirely up to him/her whether he/she wants to look at them. He/she might, he/she might not. It's not your decision.

Given the length of time waiver processing takes (at least in 'normal' times) I suggest you make a visa application as soon as possible and....fingers crossed....UK citizens will be able to travel to the US in 2021.

Good luck!

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