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  • *I'm posting this in the RTW forum and the Central/South America forum because I'm asking information about both of these subjects**

I was looking up info on Belize (My first stop) and I came across this bit of information:

Using an ATM gets you a cash advance on your credit card - NOT a debit to your checking or savings account.

Does this mean that I cant access money in my checking account with a debit card from an ATM in Central and South America? What about the other countries in the world? Has anyone had difficulties withdrawing money from a checking or savings account?

Can I use a debit card to access these ATM's or do I need to get a credit card?

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My Boyfriend has been in South America for the past 2 months visiting Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia adn Peru` so far and has been using his debit card and had no problems to withdraw money anywhere so far.
By "checking" account I belive you mean a current account or main account where your money get paid into. Sorry but American/English terms sometimes differ, but if that's what you mean then YES you will be fine using a debit card - as long as your card has a VISA or MAESTRO stamp on it then you can use it in any ATM in the world.

I don't know about saving might be better move your money from the saving account into your main one - but if you have internet banking then you can do that online whilst you are abroad and just manage your money that way.

Good luck!;)

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Concurring with MagikM and adding Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Ecuador to the list of countries I successfully used a US debit card. Mine has the VISA brand, and on the back, has the Cirrus and Pulse logos. Any VISA ATM card, or any ATM card with Cirrus or Pulse logos deliver local currency from a current/checking account. Moving money abroad has changed forever, bye by travelers cheques.