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What made you want to travel?

Travel Forums General Talk What made you want to travel?

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31. Posted by Isadora (Travel Guru 13926 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Gelli

Now, I have no idea, but if i don't move anywhere for over a week or so, I start almost freaking out. I've just got to keep traveling.

Maybe it's that the authorities start closing in again so you have to lay low somewhere else until things cool down. Or, maybe it's just athletes' foot. A good cream and new socks will clear that "itchy feet" syndrome right up.

Honestly, I think for the first time traveler, it's to see and learn more about a particular part of the world that interests them. Each time someone decides to go off again, it's for differing reasons. We travel under the big umbrella of "vacation" (as we only get 15 days a year), but each destination we choose falls under a smaller umbrella, such as diving, possible relocation destination, visiting old friends, or just because we've never been there before.

32. Posted by Jimz (Budding Member 34 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

My first trip of recollection involved, as a three year-old, my standing in the middle of the front seat of a 1946 Dodge and gazing out the front windshield as I was braced by my mother's left arm on our family's journey to a vacation near Traverse Bay, Michigan. That ignited a burning urge to see and experience as much of the world as possible. Fortunately, over the years, I have been able to do just that on a number of occasions for pure pleasure. How else could one have participated in a native ceremony on the Amazon River at New Year's, or sat in the British House of Commons courtesy of a member of Parliament to hear a series of speeches, or have visited Cuba before Castro came to power, or literally have taken 6 weeks to circle the globe with the last leg being a Concorde flight from London To Washington D.C., or have danced in a conga line at a fine restaurant in Sydney, Australia, or have enjoyed a memorable honeymoon in Bermuda? Of course travel of any sort is much more generic these days, and vastly more complicated to execute. But, what remains the same is the anticpation of new lands, new adventures, new sights, smells, sounds, experiences of all sorts, and, most of all, the ability to meet and interact with people who otherwise would never would have entered your life. I don't recall what I learned in 12th. grade Physics, but I will always recall the details of the month of December my Senior year of High School having been spent in Mexico. Travel is the great educator and moderator of life. It tends to put issues and people in perspective and to, on a one on one basis defuse difficulties between nations.
Travel as often and as far as you can. Lessons will be learned that are otherwise unattainable. And, if there is any more rewarding sense of fun on this planet, please let me know.

33. Posted by dwalker66 (Full Member 210 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

why i travel - quite simply - cause i can!

Also the excitment of going and the telling folk you have been when you get back! I love it!

34. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5656 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Lately I read this quote:

"The world is a book and if you don't travel, you only read one page".

Well, this kind of explains it for me. At home I have my family, friends, girlfriend, job, house, car and several other things. But basically a lot of days look the same. After travelling I like to come home again and I enjoy normal life as well. And although I am happy being at home, I would'nt be so if I knew I could not travel anymore.

But travelling opens your eyes to the "other" world, other countries, cultures, landscapes and people's way of lifes. If you come home after a trip you really look different to home.
Therefore I really like travelling and I really need to go away 3 or 4 times a year.
Besides that, it's just something that's in me. Lots of people don't like it.


35. Posted by Taffski (Travel Guru 182 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Having read all the posts so far... I sat here trying to think of something profound.... and all I could come up with was.........


well, when you think about... everything about starting to travel is about answers. Answers to those questions we all ask... and yet only a few of us want more than a simple answer from Wikipedia, a book, a scientist or the TV, and decide to begin our own journey of discovery...

we want to understand, feel, know the answer.... and as such we hope to achieve wisdom.

Where, What, When, How, Who, and most importantly.... why?

What is this noticeboard if not a place where we can pass on Wisdom... and by that I don't mean knowledge.. as knowledge is impersonal.

I reckon I'll be searching all my life... and will I ever find what I'm looking for? possibly... however, if not (as has been said many times before) it's not the "where" we end up but rather the "how" we get there that gives us meaning, and what we learn on the way... gives us wisdom.


PS Sorry... been reading some heavy books recently..

36. Posted by Ursus (Budding Member 48 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Although several answers and opinions have been already written down I'll try to share my point of view...
I think travelling is much more than just being away from home... It's a mixture of plenty unknown and different things. I'd love to see and feel all kinds of natural beauties (including never the same cloudy sky, sunset, murmur of river), wonders (also the architectural), even common stuffs like a little stone which stuck into your shoe. I believe people are sort of natural beauties as well - everyone is something special and has unique life-story. Meeting and talking with them can give you new dimensions, discovering how culture can influence people's reactions, values...
I'm already glad of next going around the corner listening different sounds, smelling neighbour's lunch, afternoon cycling trip or abroad couple of months lasting journey.

37. Posted by snatterand (Travel Guru 454 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Utrecht

Lately I read this quote:

"The world is a book and if you don't travel, you only read one page".

I really like that one!!!

38. Posted by Trupioneer (Budding Member 35 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Well....simply put, it's the best thing you can do

It just comes natural to me. Since age 8 I was plotting out the destinations I wanted to visit on my globe.

I can't even imagine living a life without travel. I respect everyones choice but I always get shocked when someone tells me they never left their home country or applied for a passport.

When travelling you seem to take in so many experiences in a compressed space of time That will last for life.

39. Posted by aliyoung99 (Budding Member 56 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Im off travelling because.. if im honest, rotting my brain in an office for the next 40 years scares the sh1t out of me. i've had enough of the 9-5.30pm lifestyle and i want (or maybe need) to discover something better than being paid to become a robot. Im 24 years old am hoping to find that spark of inspiration while im away to do something better with my life, degree and skills. So i want to write, take pictures and meet as many people as possible so when i come back i have the opportunity to explore more of the world..
Sorry if this is a bit melancholy.. im sat at work being told what to do by someone younger than me and only in that situation because i realised what a sack of (word deleted) my company really is!
I hope everyone that is about to embark on their own adventure has the greatest time and achieves their goals.. and more importantly has fun doing it.

Im off to do some cutting and pasting in excel.

3 weeks to go.

40. Posted by summer910 (Respected Member 1342 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

The desire to escape. Only when I travel can I get away from the mundane stuff that's crippling me back home. I travel to find peace of mind. I just need to get away.

That's not discounting the fact that I like exploring new places, and it's always fun to meet up with friends who're living in the countries I'm visiting.

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