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Hi everyone,

First time here, so here it is ,to the point.
I'm 45/m living in NZ. four years ago I lost my teenage son,since then I went through divorce,and recently brok with my girlfriend after 2 years together.So u can imagine what I have had to go through..
So I have sold everything I had including my house, so in two weeks all I will have is my backpack(with my diving gear) and money in the bank..nothing else..
I have two choices..one to join my son...the other to give this life another go..travel around and see what life/world have to offer..
Travel to another countries,meet other people,go through adventures if it is possible...with absolutly nothing to lose...
However, I don't want to do it on my own. I'm not new to traveling, so I know I don't enjoy traveling on my own...
I'm willing to travel to any country,go through any adventure,for any length of time,any kind of traveling...Any takers?

Despite everything I'm in one piece,fun to be with,easy going,cool,considerate. I believe Im intelligent enough to engage in any conversation on any topic. I'm intersting,knowledgable..very responsible..in short I make a good traveling companion..
Among other things I'm also a Scuba Dive Instructor(I can teach u diving for free)I'm fit and in good shape.
Basically I can start traveling now..or meet anyone interested whenever suit..to anywhere in the world..I'm completly open..completetly free...

Anyone? Any advice,suggestion,or comment will be appreciated.

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Sorry to hear of your loss and hardships over the last few years, i cant even begin to think what its been like. But your boy is up there looking down on you in a st christopher kinda way, and the girls have lost out.

But you have definitely chosen the right option, travelling will take your mind of things, open new doors and help regain the spirit.

With your skills you can work anywhere in the world, with your determination you can get anything you want and with your personality im sure you'll never be without a friend.

So chin up mate, theres things to be discovered.

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Hi Ralon,

So sorry to hear all that has happened..

That was a small patch of period that's was bad really..Every one in life will have some kind of a bad patch of time..But remember that it's only for a short time and that such a bad time has already over. Now things will improve slowly in your favour.

Travelling is the best part of life...and surely when you travel you will notice that how people with more tragic experiences(compared to yours) are leading their happy lives. You will on return will find a beautiful and purposeful life. Come..on...get up and travel..and cheer up.!!

While travelling don't forget to tell your experineces.

happy travel.