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Hello peeps!!!

I'm a UK citizen in the UK at present and I hope to be in Australia later this year on a Working Holiday Visa. I plan to backpack around for 12 months or so which is the max time I'm allowed to stay on this visa. The question I have is can I apply to stay in Australia permanently once I'm already there and how long does this take. I've done a few points tests and as my Partner, who is coming with me, is a qualified school teacher we score enough points for us to get a permanent residency visa if we apply directly from the UK. I don't want to wait till that comes through before I can go so plan on going in August at the latest on a Working holiday Visa. Has anyone in Aus done this ? Any tips guys? The last thing i want is to get to the end of my 12 months and find I have to come back to raining England !

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Yes, my b/f has applied for his residency, he applied whilst here. Be warned though-its a lot of money and takes ages but i suppose if your partner has points then you should be ok. I thought that you would be put on his visa though!??

Also if you do 3 months harvest work you can now apply for another 12 month visa.

Actually if you apply for your permanent residensy whilst on your working holiday visa and that runs out before you've heard from them, then you get put on a bridging visa which gives you full working rights etc, so you can stay here until you hear!

Hope this is of some help to you!!

I may be applying for my own permanent residensy myself within the next couple of years-who knows!!

Good Luck!

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really? wow considering we lock refugees up in detntion centres i am suprised we are so nice to english ppl wanting to migrate due to the weather..... strange immigration policy....

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There's a big difference between a skilled migrant and a refugee Lou. Refugees claim refugee status and the ones that land here then claim that status arrive without visas therefore are unlawful non-citizens; that claim then has to be investigated as to whether its real, or not. Skilled migrants also have to jump through hoops but when they arrive they usually have a visa. If they don't they apply from offshore and can't arrive until they have approval. If refugees were allowed out into the community we would never see most of them ever again so they have to be detained. I'm not a big fan of the current detention centres, but then I'm also not a fan of illegal immigrants; they must be deterred. Look to Europe as an example of illegal migration out of control.

But to the point, Adonis. Yes, you can apply for permanent residency from within Australia. If you email me from this site I can give you more details of where to start.


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how much for a skilled migrant working visa?