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My name is Nikki and I was wondering is it possible to a good amount of these countries in 2 months time? Me and my friend are planning such a trip and I heard that it might be very difficult if not impossible.

Here is a tentative look at our travel itinerary:

Total: 7 to 10 days

South Korea
-Korean Folk Village
-Total: 2 to 3 days

-Tibet (Lhasa)
-Hong Kong
Total: 14 to 16 days

-Halong Bay
-Ho Chi Minh City
Total: 6 to 8 days

-Ko Samui
Total: 6 to 8 days

So is this a realistic goal I am looking for all the help I can get and I am very open to suggestions.


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it depens on budget and which kind of the transportion you are going to use between countries and cities.

i have never been to Japan and S.Korea. now just some suggustions for you about China, VN, and TH.

CHINA, as i knew, forgeiner needs an extra visa to go to Lhasa. i am not sure now, but you can check it with Chinese embassy. but, anyway, just let you know,
from Beijing to Hongkok takes 24 to 30 hours by train
from Beijing to Lhasa takes 3 days by train. the train is just build to Lhasa this year.
from Beijing to Chengdu takes 24 to 30 hours by train
from Beijing to Xian takes 18 to 24 hours by train
frin Beijing to ShiangHai takes 10 to 16 hours by train.
they are not in the same direction.
i suggest you just go to Beijing, Shianghai, Xian, Chengdu, and end up in GuiLin. and then go thought the border to VN. it saves time and money.

VIETNAM, you will be OK.

THAILAND, if you like beach, go to south, forget Sukothai. just go to Phuket, and Ko Samui, forget Songkla. if you like history, go to north, such as Chiangmai, Sukothai.

enjoy your holiday!!!

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Cut it down...
It might be realistic to do those countries in 2 months, but unless you limit yourself to just a few destinations in each you're going to be spending all your time and money on transportation and not have much of either left for actually seeing and experiencing the country. I don't know much about the other countries, but in Japan you should definitely see Kyoto and Hiroshima (be prepared for major guilt in Hiroshima), and in Thailand I would cut it to Sukothai and Krabi or Koh Samui. I'd say if you keep it to just 2-3 destinations in each place you should be able to get a much better feel for each country and you'll feel much more relaxed... unless you're an extreme type-A kind of person who's just looking to go to the next destination, snap some photos, and leave...

pm me if you want to chat about japan or thailand. :)

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I agree with the others, maybe you could go to all those countries, but cut back the places in each country, otherwise you won't get to see much, and you'll rack up a huge bill. I've been to the places you want to go in Japan, and here's my suggestion:

Tokyo (if you like cities, spend most of the time here)
Kyoto (if you like tradition, spend most of your time here)
Osaka (don't bother, it's a small version of Tokyo, not much of interest)
Hiroshima, Nagasaki (choose between the two... Nagasaki has more to do in the one city, but Hiroshima has the island of Miyajima, which id beautful, and has monley and deer)

If I were to do Japan in 8 days:
Tokyo - 3 days
Kyoto - 3 days
Hiroshima & Miyajima - 2 days

Hope I could help. Have fun planning.

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If I was spending 7 to 10 days in Japan I'd visit Tokyo and Kyoto and leave it at that. They're both really interesting cities so I would personally rather see each one thoroughly rather than just skim the surface. Maybe squeeze in a day trip to Hiroshima as well (which is a very memorable trip), but any more than that would feel a bit rushed.

Gyeonju is really interesting but for 2 to 3 days in Korea I'd just stay in Seoul. I've currently spent over a week in Seoul and I'm still finding there's plenty to do.

As for Thailand it would probably be better to choose between Phuket or Samui, or if you definitely want to visit more than one beach location then maybe check out Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan (which are only a short ferry trip away from each other).

Overall I'd say you could probably manage to see everywhere on your list in two months but it would involve a lot of work and a significant chunk of your holiday would be spent travelling, so I'd factor in some time along the way where you can just chill out and spend a week relaxing to recharge your batteries.