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I've been disappointed countless times by the unexciting gap-year offers and am a huge fan of minimalist endurance-testing adventure. Being a young white female (with blonde hair just to make matters worse) I am well aware of the risks, so have managed to find a couple of guys my age who are gagging for the same adventure. Top of our list (along with rock climbing, volunteer work, camping, canoeing and surfing - we do realise doing ALL of the above is slightly over-ambitious) is trekking through the Amazon Rainforest.

Haven't encountered many posts on here about the Amazon at all which is slightly dubious. I've emailed a few websites and tour guides but haven't got any replies yet, but what I really want to know is is this possible?? How dangerous is it? What are the stories? And would it be wise to hire a guide?..and if so who/where do I find someone?

Lots of questions I know, and as you can guess I'm not very experienced. But if anyone has ANYTHING to say on the Amazon or rainforests in general it would be greatly appreciated. Because at the moment it looks like no one ever goes there unless it's research related or through a big fancy company.

Please let me know if you can help at all, either email or leave a post - Thanks, Jo

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Try "Amazonia Fascinante", Rua Boulevard Sà Peixoto 323 Educandos CEP:69.070-160 Manaus. Tel.: 0055(92)624-1827
The guide's name is: capitao Chico
They do:Encontro das Aguas, Vitoria Regia, Passeios pelos igarapès, Pescaria de Piranha, Focagem de Jacarè and pernoite na selva.
They ask about 20,- Euro a day, all included (not the drinks)
I was not with them because to lack of time.
It is worth to try.
See also on my site: -snip-
It is not a comercial site! Only a information site for they wo will make trips in the Amazon forest.
I think you will not understand the Dutch language but loot at the pictures. It shows how beautiful the Amazon forest is.
Yearly i make two expeditions in the Amazon forest long from Manaus (2000km). I can manage it for groups to maximum 6 persons. The cost is almost 1900,- Euro All included: flights, taxes, guides, engines, food etcetera.
Have a nice trip

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Thanks ericos, did manage to see the site before it was snipped -the pics were great! really gave a feel for wat itd be like

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I went on a trip to the Amazon several years back. It was/is the most amazing trip I have ever taken. The company I used is -snip-. After my trip they were featured both on Discovery channel and in Outside magazines 10 best trips of the year. It is not a cush trip nor is it completly roughing it. You basicly have the opportunity to plan your own trip. They give you many options. From camping in the jungle to going birding in a canoe.

I would highly recommend anyone interested in really experiencing the Amazon to give this place a hollar. They are very flexible about designing a trip to suit you.

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