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1. Posted by Jacobuh (Budding Member 10 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!
  • *I found this quote from a site dealing with visa information**

"U.S. citizens do not need visas for tourist visits of up to thirty days, but they must have onward or return air tickets and proof of sufficient funds to maintain themselves while in Belize."

I'm landing in Belize City and backpacking south down towards Guatemala and on through the rest of Central America. Now obviously I wont have "onward or return air tickets" because after I go as far south as I can I'm heading onwards toward South America.

Will Customs or Border Agents have a problem with me telling them that I dont have any return documents for the reason stated above?

thanks! - Jake

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You'll also need to show a ticket out of Panama, air or first class bus, so best purchase your air ticket from Panama into South America in advance as there is no bus. All I know is you need $18.50USD to exit Belize by land, they probably are not too strict on in and out air tickets, anyway other travellers who have recently been there will know.

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my suggestion, while a bit costly, would be to travel with a return ticket from the last country you likely will be visiting. While I can't speak for the immigration officials you will encounter, it might help your case if you have something that shows you are flying out of the area at a set date. (Get the return ticket for a specific date, but you can still make it a full fare or close to it so you can change the ticket with no added money.

good luck.

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I was wondering the same when I entered Ecuador. So I bought a ticket from Quito to Colombia, (one way) but made sure that the tikcet was fully refundable upon arrival back home...
Have fun