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come with me to spain, im hopeless

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Aaahhh Bless!

Don't be hopeless. You'll meet loads of people on your travels. I'll be in Spain over the summer for a while, probably mid June, so if you're there then and still feeling hopeless, this good samaritan will meet up with you for a drink!

Take care, and remember to enjoy your trip!


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Where will you be?
What will you be doing?
How long will you be there?
What are you most worried about?

If you let people know some who, what, wheres, and whens you should be able to have plans to meet up with people even before you go and/or you can get tips on how to meet people. There are some special internet sites just for meeting people I think one is www.meetup.com. Also some of the links from TP are sites that have similar travel companion forums or people from other countries willing to show people around.

Don't be hopeless!! Try and act confident even when you're shaking on the inside!! This is good advice all the time but especially when you're traveling... and pretty soon you start to impress yourself with how well you can handle things.