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Hello people!! I am planning on travelling for a month this summer...starting in Rome, then up to Florence - Siena - Pisa - Venice, then into Slovenia - Bled - Kransgagora - Ljublijana, then into Croatia - Dubrovnik - Zagreb, then into Budapest - Vienna - and finally Prague. Sorry to list all of that, but I was wondering if anyone knew how much individual train tickets would be in between each of these places? Will it be cheaper to get a rail pass which is £285 or to buy individual tickets? I've heard many different stories, some say the rail pass is cheaper, others say that it isn't because you have to pay extra for each trip on top of the rail pass and others just say that it works out cheaper to get individual tickets. I don't know which one to believe or which company to ask to get a truthful answer!! Hope that all makes sense and someone can help me - I'm getting confused now and don't know which way to go!!! Happy Travelling Everyone!!! xxx

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Because it all depends on the country, the routes and the number of times you take the train.

If you are British, you can get Interrail, EuroDomino and individual country rail passes, like Balkan FlexiPass or Austria Rail Pass. These are all different passes. Interrail is 16 consecutive days for one zone (3 countries) or and great if you got limited time and want to do a lot of travelling in an area where trains are expensive. The 1-Zone Interrail ticket for zone C (Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Austria) is a great example and good value. http://www.interrailnet.com/

I would look into an Interrail or EuroDomino ticket for Italy, since prices are steap there.

If you do only two trips through Austria, book your tickets through their website a few weeks ahead, don't bother with a rail pass unless you want the flexibility it gives you. Euro Domino Austria for 2 days would do it, but compare the price of a EuroDomino ticket with the regular fare you pay for the journey you take. www.oebb.at will help you.

The problem with your trip is that it contains 4 Interrail zones, and the problematic ones (D+H) on top of that. It is very hard to give you good advice on that one, because very few people really know the individual prices for train+bus travel within the countries in the D+H zone. At a certain point there the Interrail ticket gets cheaper than individual tickets, especially if you have already bought a zone. But when and where that point is, is your job to guess. Sorry.

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as for italy you can check the prices on the railways website: