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1. Posted by sapphyre (Respected Member 418 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi pple,

I'll be in the Hague in the Netherlands at the end of June and probably will have a weekend free so I was thinking of visiting either Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Utrecht. Which do you recommend? Will there be places open during weekends?

2. Posted by BjornParee (Full Member 150 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Well :

Amsterdam : Capital city of the Netherlands with several places to go and most famous for museums (Rembrant and Stedelijk) and nightlife (Red Light District)

Rotterdam : Some people don't like this city but it has the biggest harbour in the world wich is nice to visit and has several museum wich are nice.

Utrecht : Just another city in the Netherlands. The city has not really famous places like Amsterdam but is a nice city to visit.

My Suggestion : Choose between Amsterdam and R'dam/Utrecht. Amsterdam is a big city where can spend your weekend easy. R'dam and Utrecht are not that big and you can visit both cities (even on the same day).

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If I were you I would choose Amsterdam, I am living in Utrecht and I go to Amsterdam a lot and have been to Rotterdam once. Amsterdam has more things to do there, great shopping, great sites, etc. Utrecht just really has shopping and thats about it.

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Ya I was in amsterdam one time and it was great and am going back in a month. Is Rotterdam really not that interesting? I heard that there's very cool architecture and I remember seeing some cool buildings in the Jackie Chan Movie, Who Am I? Should we plan for only a day or two tops for rotterdam?


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i agree, in amsterdam you can easily pass your weekend and absorb dutch culture.

it being such a large old city there are close to a dozen or so great museums so vast, only one should be done each day; account for 3 hours at each museum -- the audio tours, i highly recommend.

frequent this site and sign up for email alerts to see a cool concert at melkweg:

The city centre is so touristy it will make you sick or cry. my favorite museum is the historisch which is the city centre, so you will get your taste of the centre if you visit amsterdam's great historisch museum. around the corner from the historisch is a small cart with a traditional, inexpensive, dutch seafood lunch.

Vondelpark, the film, rijk, & van gogh muesums are walking distance from each other and there are street vendors and restuarants in Vondelpark.

things i regret missing: caravaggio exhibit, artis zoo, tropenmuseum, utrecht (yes the city).

other must do's: get lost in jordaan and buy a 3 day tram ticket from central station (a little white shack in front and across the street). don't forget to always take a number.

6. Posted by sapphyre (Respected Member 418 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

thanks for the suggestions people! I'll go check things out more..

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What to visit depends a bit on what you are looking for. Choose Amsterdam for the Big City, the nightlife and the musea. note that it is so international, that you can hardly say you've been in the Netherklands when you've only seen Amsterdam (but as you stay in the hague, or den haag,aka 's gravenhage, you'll see a little bit of that)

Choose Rotterdam for industrial Netherlands: a lot of modern architecture, the largest container harbour in the world, where the cranes dominate the skyline, and you can smell the spices from exotic places all over the world.

Finally, choose Utrecht (my home city) for a typical Dutch students city. Numerous little -cheap- restaurants and pubs, an ancient city centre with canals just like Amsterdam, but then better: there is a lower level where you can sit at the waterfront enjoying your meal with a Heineken, or one of the other numerous dutch and belgian beers. In fact, if you like beers: go to 'café België' at the 'Oudegracht'(=central 'old canal'), where there are about a hundred different beers to taste.

Furthermore it was once the religious capital of the netherlands, hosting the tallest churchtower in the netherland. Worth climbing to have a bird eye view of the city.

As the centre is not too big, everything is within walking distance, but of course to experience it the all the way: rent a bike! No trams in Utrecht, but beware of the very long busses that rubn through the centre. They won't stop.

It is much quieter and less international then Amsterdam, It doesn't breath the economical 24/7 culture like Rotterdam, but it is worth a visit! I would say: spend a day in Amsterdam, and one in Utrecht.

Enjoy your stay!