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This summer I'm going interailing with 3 of my friends starting in Krakow and ending down in Greece for the last 10 days or so. I'm just wondering what kind of expense is involved in getting the boats from Island to Island in Greece? Our interailing ticket will have ended at that stage so we're just finishing up there. }

If anybody could help or has ANY recommendations please let me know!

Thanks Very Much!!


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I was in Greece about this same time last year. There are student travel agencies everywhere in Athens with real resonable prices. The prices vary though depending of what ferry you take. My girlfriend and I got a package deal to Santorini with two nights in a hotel breakfast included for about $90. If you want to go real cheap I would suggest just getting a package ferry deal that would take you to the islands and wait until you get there to find a hotel. There are lots of hotel owners that come down to the dock when i ferry comes in and try to get you to stay at their hotel. Just yell out the price you want to pay and see who will take it. Usually prices are negotiable. Other than that definitily visit Santorini -- they told us they had the best beaches out of the islands and they were incredible. Mykonos is supposed to be more of a party place but Santorini still have bars and nightclubs.

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hey thanks so much for your reply. I be honest I've barely looked at a map or anything yet - all we know is we're getting a boat from italy to somewhere in greece and then we're gonna spend about a week around the islands and head for athens!! if you have ANY ANY ANY info let me know! ANYTHING! :-)

thanks for your help!!

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hey! def go to athens its great! i went to ios one of the greek islands def take a visit,if u like lively places and its beatuiful!

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We did inter-rail for a month and then went to Naxos, Greek Islands. I can't remember the exact price but it's not cheap so it might pay to check out the price so you can budget for it.