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Just a quick question ......... do you recommend sterling or australian travellers cheques?


Cez ;)

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Personally I wouldn't bother with traveller's cheques. Wherever you go in Australia there are international ATMs so just take your cash card with you and you'll be all right.

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Yeh i'd go with cash. Last year when i came i brought cash and travellers cheques. I suppose if your carrying around large amounts of money i'd get travellers cheques as well, if not, then there's no need and its just an extra hassle.

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Last year my wife and I went through NZ, South America (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia and Peru), Cuba, Mexico, The good old USA, etc on a RTW trip and never took any cash or travellers cheques. ATM's are so so lovely!!!!
It helped that if I lost or had my Visacard half-inched, my wife would still have been able to use hers, plus I had a DinersCard as a final emergency to get cash.
There are also plenty of Western Union offices around as far as I have seen, so you can always phone home begging for funds if necessary.
Of course if your plastic goes missing, perhaps a small amount of greenbacks or a few travellers cheques might be a good idea.
The only place I have been to recently where there are no ATM's and don't recognise travellers cheques was Myanmar in March.
Travelling round with $3,000 USD in hard cash was a novelty.
I recall being in Ioannina (north-west Greece) back in 1994 and realising that we had no dosh for dinner as all the banks had closed.
First ATM, all in Greek, but the process is exactly the same as anywhere else, so pressed the right buttons and I was in Drachma heaven.
I curse the Euro!!! The drachma notes were magnificent.
Of course, the only problem could be spending way too big and having your Visacard say 'Over The Limit, No Holding Folding For You'!!!!

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Hi there,

I wouldn't bother with Traveller's cheques in Oz. Most people use credit cards or EFTPOS (Oz equivalent of SWIFT cards).

If you lose your credit card in Australia, write these numbers down..
Visa Australia
1800-450346 (free call)

mastercard 1800-120-113 (again free call).

Hope that helps, enjoy your stay :)