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21. Posted by Karlee (Budding Member 35 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hey guys
it was great to read that so many people are worried about travelling alone as I am in the same situation as a lot of you (no one to drag along on the big trip) it is also great to hear that no one has regreted going on their own. Great advice.

22. Posted by NantesFC (Respected Member 531 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

You get to do whatever you want! No hassles, no bargaining with friends on where to go and what to do. Most traveling I've done so far has been semi-independent. I'd be alone but for portions of those trips I'd be with (host family, foreign relatives, fellow students) so this June will be my first actual solo trip. I was originally supposed to go to Italy for 2 weeks with 2 girls but they backed out. Now I expanded it to 6 weeks going solo. See what you can do when you make all the decisions...

23. Posted by Karlee (Budding Member 35 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

That is kind of what I like about the idea of travelling alone. Getting to make all the decisions and getting to see stuff and do stuff that you like to do. Sounds awesome to me, even though there are defianent advantages to travelling with friends.

24. Posted by samsara_ (Travel Guru 5353 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi Tanzie :)

I left Ireland nearly 18 months ago now. I had a ticket to NYC and another to Peru, and after that everything was a vague plan. I had no idea how long I would keep going for. I had travelled alone before, but never for longer than three weeks. So, it was a pretty scary but VERY EXCITING experience. I remember sitting on the plane leaving Shannon and just thinking "Oh my God, after a year of planning and saving, this is actually happening now!"

I spent seven months in South America travelling alone and it was the absolute hands down most amazing experience of my life so far. I've been living and working in New Zealand now for nearly a year (I've 3 months left to go!)

After that, I'm off to Oz, South East Asia, China & Tibet for another four months, again travelling alnone.

I'm totally addicted to it now, and I think I could honestly say that I would now find it hard to travel with another person for longer than a few weeks. You'll see why once you do it. It's TOTAL freedom. You are your own boss - free to go where you will when you will. You meet so many people because it's either go up and chat to people, or just sit on your own the whole time.

I went on a short backpacking trip recently with my boyfriend here in NZ, and although we had a great weekend, it felt so weird to have someone with me when I was checking into the hostels we stayed at. And of course, we stuck mainly to ourselves and didn't really chat to anyone. It made me realize even more how much I LOVE solo travel now.

I say, go for it. Don't worry about your parents. Everyone's parents worry. Mine thought I was nuts but my Dad said to me when he was here at Christmas how courageous they thought it was. Parents have to voice their concerns - that's their job!

And believe me, you're not corny. I've discovered so much about myself and the world and other people in this last year than I ever did at home before that.

Take the plunge. Surprise yourself!

Good luck. ;)

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26. Posted by Emma C (Budding Member 2 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I planned a trip with a friend but 2 days before she landed a great job couldnt go so i headed off on my own! I knew i'd be fine im very independant and i like doing things on my own but i was worried that i would be really lonely and bored at night..since i thought it was best not to be out and about on my own as a girl!

anyway i booked hostels for my first 2 nights and searched for ones that mentioned great communal areas. it felt so great when people asked where im from, who im with etc to say i was on my own! I ended up making a fantastic friend and a huge detour to my plan!

I found that it was very scary stepping off the plane, trying not to stick out like a very obviously lost tourist!! but as soon as i found out where i was sleeping that night i felt secure, so my plan was always find somewhere to stay, leave your rucksack there then you can wander about free as a bird

Also travelling alone forces you to speak to strangers and since ive come home i cant stop striking up conversations with people..anyone! in queues, bus stops, supermarket etc!

i need to head off again soon..hoping not to meet any nice man before that i want to go it alone!

27. Posted by ppereira (Full Member 25 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Don't dream your life...
live your dream!!!

As my father tells me: all you take to your grave is all your memories, what you traveled and how much you danced!!!

so, go for it girl!!!!

28. Posted by ontheedge (Full Member 90 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

hey all- hope you dont mind me wading in- im 25 year old male, i dont think its any different being male or female (as some people are hinting), i was extremly nervous about travelling, until i sumed things up!, i asked myself a few questions! why did i contemplate traveling? answer, because i was sick of my boring routine in life!!-Why do i want to meet new people? answer because there are so many interesting people out there who knows where a friendship might lead

So i took off to the states first when i was 24, i booked on to a trek america so i wasnt alone to begin with, i had second thoughts but i went (new york- miami roadtrip), did so many things and met so many interesting people, saw some great things whitehouse, empire state, etc. and the humbling new orleans (what a shame katrina passed through) it is an amazing place!.

Iv just returned from australia!!, where i spent 6 weeks, experiencing new things! same again i did an organised trip (contiki), so i could make friends early on, cairns-sydney, then me and a few friends on the trip travelled down to melbourne, then hired a car and did the great ocean drive!! what an amazing time we had, we stopped in many hostels and enjoyed freedom on a mass scale!!.

Where am i now?, back home been working for nealy 2 monthes and im planning my next trip (before i get tied down with a gf he he) im hoping to go oct on a full rtw ticket!-manchester-hong kong-sydney-hawai-L.A then home cant wait, i was going to go on my own, but my mate wants to join me, and for some reason im not that pleased!, he is a great mate, but i enjoyed being on my own as i could go where i wanted when i wanted!, im going to lay some rules down before we go!!!-any way i hope iv shared some interesting points with like minded people!! dave

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