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Just thought I'd share some information for you as I have just had to learn the hard way. If anyone gets cheaper deals than this then let me and everyone else on here know, but this is what has happened to me/us so far...

Went to MASTA travel Clinic here in Glasgow and was told would need 3 boxes (150 capsules in total but I'd only need 120) of Doxycycline for 1 month in India and 2.5 months in S.E.Asia. Was told this would cost £120 and that's with the cheapest stuff.

Then enquired about getting cheap deals. Heard (on here I think) that ASDA and Boots do it cheapest and seeing as I don't have a big ASDA near me and would rather not fuel Wal-Mart's empire, I decided to go to Boots.

First trip to boots was told it could take a few hours for a costing so said I'll go to another branch. Next branch wouldn't believe I only needed Doxycycline and said I would have to get another type as well. I explained my situation and they then told me it would cost me £6.50. I did not believe them and asked for a superior. The head pharmacist then came down and said I was correct, it would not cost £6.50. He then worked out based on the time I would be in high risk areas and didn't account for the 4 weeks afterwards. His costing took 30 seconds and it came in at £33 not including prescription.

Finally, I wanted to get a quote that would cover the 4 weeks after AS WELL. I went to another branch of Boots. They told me they could not do a costing as it would take so long and I'd need to provide them with the prescription as well (pointed out to them that in the branch down the road 2 days previous I had been given a costing in 30 seconds with no prescription.

After all this, I had an appointment with my nurse who pointed me in the direction of my local, family run pharmacist. I gave them a call and they told me over the phone how much it would cost including prescription for 120 days worth.

...£30 !!!

I am not sure if it's just the Boots in Glasgow but with our Rabies jabs we had nothing but grief as well. Just a little note to check all options.

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