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Hello All,

Basically, my boyfriend and I are off to STA Travel on Saturday to book out tickets - going to be leaving late June to LA first.

I have a general Idea of where I want to go and have done some research into where I would like to visit along our travels.

However, do I need to pre-book some hostels etc before I go? or just find places to stay upon arrival..........it's just I'm quite organised and completely new to all this!?!?!?!

Look forward to hearing from you.

Jo x

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Hi Jo,

Did you book your ticket then? Exciting, isn't it? :) I got mine through Trailfinders. I loved sitting with that big map in front of me and deciding where I wanted to go :D

Re: hostels, for peace of mind I would have the first few nights of your trip booked. You're going to be tired after a long flight and you don't want the extra hassle of trying to locate a hostel in the urban sprawl of LA. Arrive with a reservation and details of how to get to the hostel, and take a day or so to recuperate and get used to the backpacker thing. (Venice Beach is a recommended area for hostels, apparently... or Hollywood. Whatever you do, don't stay in Inglewood like I did...)

From then on, just go with the flow; I never bothered booking hostels in advance unless it was peak season or there was a festival/celebration. I loved the feeling of rolling up in a brand new place with my backpack, finding my way round and a place to lay my head. Planning excessively takes away that freedom, in my opinion.

But don't worry, you can use your organisation skills to make sure you and your boyfriend get to the airports on time!

Have a great time,


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Thanks Steve,

Yes we have now booked and paid for flights via STA Travel - feeling a mixture of nervousness and excitement.

Am following your advice and searching for a place to stay for the first couple of nights away and joined the YHA.

Thanks again amd hope you enjoy your travels.


Jo x

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Hi Jo,
I'm feeling exactly the same as you, a little nervous but full of excitment at the same time!! Me and a friend are going travelling in Oct for 6 months and we booked our trip through sta travel. we're going to get a YHA card and pre book our first few nights and then go with the flow, I feel thats the best way to do it!!!Just out of interest where are you planning to go?
Hope you enjoy you trip!!
Jes and Heather x

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It depends where you are going, most places I have just turned up in had accommodation, except Bangkok. But even booking in advance has its drawbacks. I booked in advance and via this site and a couple of others and on arrival the place doesnt have what its listed online, nor do the prices tally up. Its best to look at the room with you own eyes before handing over money, Ive been stung a few times this way!

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Well we actually fly out to San Fran, then travelling down and flying out of LA, with numerous vists along the way.....which will plan once out there....as will hopefully pick up some tips from fellow travellers!

then on to fiji, New Zealand, Australia (Sydney)- where we are planning to work for a few months and rent accomdation then travel up the east cost, then on to Bali, Sinapore and Thailand.

I have felt much more relaxed since reading other theads posted via this site and others, as there are obviously so many other people in the same boat and everyone seems to be so helpful.

Have also made a pact with myself and obviously the other half to be open minded and try not to say no to different activites as will probably live to regret it once home....

So where you off to?


Jo x