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I am a 23 year old Californian who is leaving her corporate job to travel the world! I plan on leaving in August and traveling to South Africa, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji..and open to other places. I plan on travling for around 5 months. I am a very friendly, laid back person, who loves to explore, hike, and be adventurous, as well as enjoy a fun night out :)
I would love to find some travel friends to enjoy this adventure with me- most of my friends are stuck at the jobs and are unable to travel.
I look forward to hearing from you!


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Wow, i read your post and i feel the same way! I am 23, from Florida - sooooo sick of the corporate glossy fakeness...i want to go away for awhile. (or forever from this 50-60 hour week insanity) I am very laid back and i love to hike, adventure, anything...

the only long term traveling i have done is a month backpacking through Europe. I can't imagine how fantastic 5 months would be.

I was wondering - how much money would a trip like this cost? my parents recently offered to buy my car from me, for my brother - and i got a decent tax return....but it seems like 5 months would take mad skrilla...Were you planning on working at all througout the trip, at hostels, or bartending?

anyway, let me know how much you've thought about it and planned, and maybe we can each do some research...

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Hey Liz,

I am 24 and I live in Canada. I was supposed to go to Costa Rica next week, doing the whole backpacking, hiking, beaches, ... but had to stay in town :( !!

But afterwards, I definately want to go to costa rica, i already got vaccinated, read the books, ... when are u planning on going there? I saw your post and it seems like we are interested in the same stuff, like hiking, adventure and fun night out.

keep me posted!