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1. Posted by aogs (First Time Poster 1 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello travelers,

I'm going to New Zealand ("where men are men and sheep are scared") for a couple weeks on business. My company has once again given me a too-small budget, and I'm on my own if I want to call home and speak with my family. I think I'd like to speak with my family. Because international cell phone rates are outrageous, I'm wondering if anyone on this site could give me some feedback regarding the cheapest options for international calling. (And collect-calling isn't the cheapest when it's me paying the phone bill.)


2. Posted by john7buck (Respected Member 458 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

You're in luck. Calling the States from NZ and Australia is, as they would say, cheap as chips.

There might be some other suggestions from people here relating to cell phones, etc., but I found the best thing to do is buy a phone card from any gas station or convenience store. You dial into an 800 #, enter your code, then the phone number and you get connected for about 10 cents/min ($NZ). I found that I would buy a phone card for like $10 and that would last me a good long while.

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Hi Charles,

Like john7buck said, calling from NZ is really cheap. But it doesn't mean the quality is good. You can get some really cheap cards from basically anywhere like dairies (corner store/convenient store) or where ever you see signs.

Don't get the cheapo ones because the quality isn't that great. You should ask people from work if they buy calling cards and if they do then which ones they prefer. You can also try the YHA or backpackers and see what they recommend.

Have fun while you're there. The exchange rate is pretty good at the moment anyway!!

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I think john7buck is right to say that prepaid calling cards are your best bet. I think, also, that sunset1999 is right to say that many calling cards are poor in quality. I would recommend OneSuite cards because they're both cheap and they never get staticky or disconnect you or anything. They worked for me quite well when I was in India last year.

Anyway, enjoy the exchange rate -- and the sheep!