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Hey everyone.. I'm new here. I was wonderin if anyone knows anything about the city prague. Has anyone been there and if you have was it fun? what kind of things are there to do? Me and my friends are thinking about going to europe next summer for about 10 days (wish we could go for more but we won't have enough money haha). We are all 19 by next summer we'll all be 20 (obviously :)
We are looking for cities with fun things do to for a younger crowd that likes to party. We are thinking about amsterdam too. So is Prague a good city to party in.. does it have a good nighlife?

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I've already been to Prague and i'm sure you would have fun there.
It's not expensive at all and this city is fast-developing.
I remember that we've been to the Roxy and the Uzi rock bar, good music and very good atmosphere. Czech are really nice.

I can't tell you anything about the Amsterdam nightlife, cause each time i've been there i walked, visited and smoked too much so the night, i slept.

But there's the Poland which is not so far from Czech Rep.
It's not expensive at all too. You should have a look there. Especially in Krakow. The center is not very big, and there're many places to have fun with polish, erasmus students, tourists etc...
Clubs are free and drinks are cheap. There're too many good bars and clubs so you'll have to test to find the good one.

Or, at last, you could take the train from Prague to Berlin. It's an important city, and Berlin by night is another city. I dunno from where you are but Berlin is a must.

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thanks..Im from the U.S. We are interested in checking out Berlin too! Poland sounds like a lot of fun also

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Prague is beautiful lots to see and do there, and loads of bars and great places to have a good night out. Best Beer in the world.

Krakow is great too, and of course you can visit Auschwitz whilst based there.Watch the vodka though its lethal.

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I have been to Prague, Berlin, and Krakow and they all are wonderful in their own way. Berlin is more modern, Prague is just a wonderful place where nothing was damaged from WW II, and Krakow also has many pretty places to see. I also like how cheap food and accomadations are in Krakow and Prague. I believe that everyone should see Prague at least once in their life. Drinking a Liter of Beer for 70 cents is a bonus when drinking in Prague. I had a great time partying in all the pubs and bars in each of the cities. I am also currently planning a trip back to these cities and farther east.

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For young and broke partygoers, prague is definetely the place to go.I don´t remember the bars and discos i´ve went,but they´re all great!Nightlife is superb and people are very very friendly for foreigners! Go and have a blast!