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51. Posted by rribeiro (Budding Member 4 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I will be in Costa Rica for Xmas and NYE.

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Hey! iam planning to travel to Apaneca to work and live there for a couple of months, i would like to know more detaills about this place, is it safe ? how far is from san salvador? i would apprecciate a lot any information

53. Posted by ramdulara (Budding Member 9 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

what happened to this thread - no activity? anyone visiting guatemala or costa rica in april/may?

54. Posted by firthball (Budding Member 2 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

my name's pete

i'll be flying into costa rica at beginning of may and bussing my way back up to mexico city over 2 months.
am interested in surfing, snorkelling, dancing, partying, culture and whatever else. oh and FOOTBALL.

anyone going to be around?

message me peepz. pete.

55. Posted by serafima (First Time Poster 1 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Hi, I (40) and my niece (20) will travel through Costa Rica 8 days in April. We'll arrive 15 April at noon from New York and stay for 1 night in San Jose. Then we'd like to visit Arenal, Montewerde, stay at the seashore and more.. We have no car driver licenses and don´t speak Spanish. If you are at the same time in Costa Rica we'll be glad to meet you.;)

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Hello people! Im John. I just bought today a airplane ticket from my hometown (curitiba/Brazil) to Bogotá (Colombia). I have 71 days to travel. As I get there in 18 december I pretend to move by bus to Cartagena and get a cheap flight with Spirit Airlines to New York. I thought here I could get some suggestions of itinerary as I will spend 11 days in NY and I think 20 more to go to Canadá (Montreal and Toronto) and to visit some places in USA (I need suggestions of place to get by train or bus)... From NY I get a flight when 31 days are allready gone back to Central America, like Guatemala I think... Then I have 40 days to visit central America and go to Cuba... When I reach Panama I will try crossing by boat to Colombia from where my plane departs back to Brazil on 26 February...

I am very afraid of it and count with any experience and suggestions!!! Please help me!!!

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58. Posted by Jacker008 (Budding Member 11 posts) 10y Star this if you like it!

Well I made a scratch of my plan. See what you think: As I get to Bogotá on 18 december, I head to Cartagena by Bus. I found at Spirit Airlines a flight from Cartagena to NY for just 250$ including the taxes... As I get to NY arround 20 december I stay for 11 days at Central Park Hostel and then I leave my Backpack (small one compared to my last travelling through Europe) at the Hostel and go for a trip using this 170$ (7 days pass):

With this pass I plan visiting Washington, Boston, Niagara Falls and Montreal (in this order) in 7 days... and get back to NY for more two nights. Then I get another Spirit flight but this time to Guatemala that costs 213$ including taxes... I pretend to buy a 1.80Kg camping tent in NY so that I can camp at CAmerica... At Central America I pretend to do this itinerary that I copyed from the LETS Go Suggested Itinerary site:

Starts in Guatemala City from where you’ll head west to Antigua and revel in the contrast between simple cobblestone streets and grand colonial ruins. Continue west to peaceful Panajachel, on the shores of Lago de Atitlán. Cruise around the giant lake by ferry and stop in villages along the shore. Climb one of the encroaching volcanoes before heading to Quetzaltenango, a starting point for exploring western Guatemala’s endless outdoor opportunities. After hiking with the howler monkeys and the elusive quetzals, find a bus headed for Chichicastenango, and peruse the world-famous Maya market. Jump north to the incomparable ruins of Tikal to see the work of their ancestors. From there, hop across into Belize and spend a couple days in San Ignacio, the region’s up-and-coming hub for adventure tourism; canoeing, caving, Maya ruins, and waterfalls are all within easy reach. Skip out of San Ignacio on a bus down the Hummingbird Highway, stopping along the way to explore Blue Hole and Five Blues National Parks. Peek into Belize’s eerie limestone underbelly—caves hollowed out by millennia of erosion. Farther south on the coast, Placencia provides a pleasant break from a busy itinerary. Sit on the beach and sip a fruit shake, or hire a boat out to one of the nearby cayes to snorkel along the world’s second-longest coral reef. When you’re ready to move on, grab a boat to Honduras’ Bay Islands, where you can take advantage of beautiful reefs and the cheapest scuba certification in the world. With your lust for tropical reefs satisfied, jet south to La Ceiba and party in Honduras’ nightlife capital. Sleep off your hangover because you’ll need a clear head to appreciate Copán, the most studied Maya ruins in Central America. Next, head for Parque Nacional Montecristo, where you can climb El Pital, a mountain shared by Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. For a different type of archaeological wonder, head to Joya de Cerén to see the Western Hemisphere’s version of Pompeii: a Maya city preserved in volcanic ash. Then grab a bus south to León, Nicaragua’s liberal university city, where you can lounge in the park and watch the bustling young student life. Or, skip over to Granada, León’s more conservative counterpart and the oldest city in Nicaragua, for the eclectic culture that makes it a continual tourist favorite. Keep going south and shop ’til you drop at Masaya, home to one of Nicaragua’s most famous—and cheapest—craft markets. Push on to the Isla de Ometepe, smack in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Here the lush Volcán Maderas hides a tranquil lake within its crater. When all the volcano-climbing makes you hungry for some magma, roll south to Fortuna, Costa Rica, and watch Volcán Arenal belch fiery lava; don’t miss the area’s hot springs and waterfalls. Move on to cool off in the cloudforests of Monteverde, then wander the Nicoya Peninsula to Playa Tamarindo for some serious beach time—surf, sleep, and party. Still farther south lies Parque Nacional Chirripó, site of Costa Rica’s highest point, where you can see the Atlantic and Pacific oceans at once. The last stop on the Costa Rica leg is uncrowded Parque Nacional Corcovado, where rainforest comes tumbling into the sea. Last, but certainly not least, head to Panama: stop first in Boquete and hike one of the area’s many trails, including Panama’s highest peak, Volcán Barú, then try to spot those elusive quetzals you missed in Guatemala. Bocas del Toro promises pristine turquoise waters and spotless white-sand beaches. Relax in the Caribbean atmosphere before heading to Las Tablas on the Azuero Peninsula. If you arrive during Semana Santa (Easter Week), you’ll get swept up in the wild carnaval; otherwise, revel in visits to the surrounding national parks and secluded islands. After all the roughing it, catch a bus to the very metropolitan Panama City; the capital pampers trail-weary visitors with movie theaters, hoppin’ nightlife, and great international cuisine. Make sure to sneak a peak at the adjacent Panama Canal.

I just thought adding Cuba in this itinerary. Thanks for helping me out so far. What do you think about my itinerary? As I will be going down finishing at Panamá I thought I could try going by boat to Colombia and then come home, but I dont know what to do now... The Boat is alot more expensive then I thought... But maybe the other way (from Panamá to Colombia is a little bit more cheap or easy?

I hope to get to Paradise soon...

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Hi all,

My cousin and I will be backpacking central america for the month of June, starting in Guatemala and working our way south. Just looking for recommendations on activities, possibly hooking up with fellow travelers for parts of the journey. We plan on doing typical backpacking stuff (i.e. sleeping in hostels or camping) and enjoy a variety of activities, primarily checking out ruins and any physical activities/sports/leisure. I would especially like to meet up with several travelers for particular tours, such as volcano tours or zip lining in the rainforest, where bigger numbers is better.

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Which is the cheapest way to get to Cuba? From Cancun and to Kingston by Cubana Airlines?