New Zealand or Australia... which is better in general?

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2. Posted by maba (Inactive 227 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I have never been to NZ and the question is very subjective. So I speak from a slightly naive point of view. Well we both speak English (sort of), play cricket and rugby and we have a healthy respect for each other. Both places have unique scenic attractions that in reality we complement each other to the extent we should be one country.
NZ is more compact, has higher mountains and is more prone to earthquakes. Makes great movies and invented bungy jumping. The South Island scenery is supposed to be spectacular.
Oz is vast - I mean very big - and a land of contrast, you can chase the sun & swim somewhere any time of year. From the humid tropics to the Tasmanian rain forrests and the arid red centre - I love Australia and look forward to visiting NZ especially now the $ exchange rate is so good for us.

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In general?
Well they both have the good points and bad ones.

In aus everything wants to kill you (well not really, but it does have poisonous snakes,spiders and crocs....), where nz never used to have any poisonous animals (got spiders now - import from aus :()

Aus has the hotter climate (northern parts) whilst nz is cooler.

Depending on the time and what your into, Aus is a massive country and getting places takes time, whilst nz is tiny in comparisson and getting places takes hours not days (by road).

If you into the beaches, diving or extreme treks, buzzing cities (sydney,melbourne) then aus is it.
If you after outdoor walking, riding, jet boating, dramatic and different scenery in short distances then nz is it.

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I'd imagine it depends on whether you ask an Aussie or a Kiwi!

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in some ways they are so similar but so different but if you can handle the cold i think nz is nicer, especially if you ar into nature.

6. Posted by penna (Full Member 110 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

but then i am not ver patriotic, generally it comes down to if u ask an aussie or a kiwi

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Well, I've been to both as well. I was on my way to Oz and I stopped in NZ for a month. It was all part of one bigger adventure but each part was a journey in itself I guess.

The two countries do compliment each other very well. Where you go depends on what you want to do when you'll be there. NZ has those higher mountains, and you'll always hear how the south island is better. I had an amazing time on both. In NZ many travelers hitch-hike everywhere and the locals accept it as normal. I spent one of my days hiking the Tongariro Crossing on the north island. To this day that hike remains one of the best memories of my life.

Oz has miles upon miles of beaches, aussie rules footy, the outback, the Rip Curl Pro, and many other things. Usually people go there and spend the whole time on the aussie tourist yak trail up the east coast north of Sydney. Once they get to Cairns, they usually turn around, go back to Sydney, and fly home. Since it is a bigger country than NZ, I would say to spend more time there if your interest is to see as much as you can. NZ is smaller and you can see more of the country in a shorter time period, but that doesn't mean that you can't spend a lot of time in NZ, it just depends on what you want to do while you're there.


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ok here it is... i did say iun general but i still knew people would say "they both have there good points" and "depends what people like", its your opinion so say what you think.

I personally think its unfair on Australia to even compare the two. Australia has so much more that its not even funny. People say that NZ has better scenery because Aus has so much more other stuff that people don't always link it with scenery but the tropical beaches of Australia, the great barrier reef, sydney opera house and the city, the natural beauty of Tasmania and all over WA, Kangaroo island in Adelaide and Kakadu national park in Darwin just can't be beaten in terms of scenery. The only thing New Zealand is better for is skiing and it's biggest city is Auklund which compared to Sydney is absolutely nothing.

9. Posted by grasshoppa (Full Member 202 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

forgot to mention surf... New Zealand may have some good surf spots hidden away somewhere but compared to Aus its got nothing at all again!

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Ok... After that comment from grasshoppa, I had to say something!!! It's not fair on Australia to compare the two??? Hello!! It's not fair on NZ to be compared against Australia. Especially if you're talking about the things that you can do, the amount of people and the size.

For a small country, New Zealand has a vast number of things to do and things to see. There are beautiful beaches, beautiful islands (not just the 3 main islands), lush forests, spectacular mountains, lakes, rivers, diverse culture, hot springs and all in one place where you don't have to travel far to get to. So everything is convenient.

As for the city... Auckland is big enough thank you very much. I personally don't want it to be like Sydney because too many people means more crime, pollution and angry people.