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Together with a couple of friends, I founded a tour operator that is totally owned and organized by university students. We conduct fun trips through Central Europe, specifically Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and Prague.
The key differences to other tour operators, such as for example Contiki, are several:
1. We spend 3-4 days in one city and thus don´t lose any time on tour buses.
2. We have local student guides in each city, so our guests can be sure that they´ll be taken care of by people who really know the places to be.
3. Our groups are small (12 to 20) and our itinerary is very flexible meaning that there is a lot of room for individual wishes of the traveler.
4. Our goal is to combine group travel with all the benefits and flexibility of a self-organized trip!
We´ve all been traveling ourselves to basically every continent, so we are trying to take all those experiences and mix them together for the perfect trip. The reason I´m posting this here is that I´d like to get some feedback on how you like our idea! -snip-


[ Edit: sorry, no promos in the forum please. ]

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Hi Carlisle,

Promotional posts are generally not allowed in our forums and this is kind of a border-line case. I'll allow discussion of your concept, so long as the actual group isn't promoted or the website mentioned. It's only fair, as any other post promoting their tour group would be deleted entirely.

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i think it is a good idea as long as the student guides are at the same standard as on any other tour, if people are going to pay large sums of money (which u do when u visit europe) then the service has to be of the highest standard, it cant seem like they give tours of their city on their wednesday arvo off to pay for tuition. but other than that it sounds good