Anyone seen "The Gods Must be Crazy"?

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Thursday in my Spanish class our professor gave us the option of 2 writing assignments for the next day either writing a 2 page paper about how different cultures have helped each other advance or watching the movie "The Gods Must be Crazy" and writing about it.

The movie, made in 1985'sh, is set in Botswana (and a few other parts of Africa), is semi-wierd, approaches some serious topics in a light hearted way all the while managing to be funny.

The main point of the movie is seeing how a person from an indigenous tribe reacts to present day white people of different social standings and vice versa.

If you have seen it let me know what your thoughts are on it...


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i saw this film a few years ago so a lotta the details are sort of fuzzy. I remember liking it very much, especially the way characters overcame language barriers. I think it's a cute idea...coke bottle falling from the sky...the contrast between cultures and in the end do viewers theoretically prefer one world over the other? the female lead bothered me very much though i don't remember why...perhaps it was her extremely feminin reactions to everything she saw (doesn't she shriek about everything?). a touching movie though and i believe there is a sequel!

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There is a sequel. Some of my friends had seen it and there was some debate as to which was better...

The girl was pretty femmy. In the end I think she got over it a little bit, but I think that was part of the culture clashes that were shown in the video: indigenous to small town; big city to small town; rich, cute, suave guy to "unsophisticated" manure collector etc. etc.

Personally I was surprised how much I enjoyed it and how often we all laughed out loud... Usually I'm not a big fan of those kind of "wierd" movies, but I think this one is worth watching.

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An all time classic!! We saw both of these films several times over and never really tired, although it's been ages now. A pilot drops an empty coke bottle out of his plane and it lands in the middle of the desert. Some guy from an isolated desert tribe picks up the bottle and thinks it has come from the Gods and feels he needs to take it back to them after everyone keeps on getting hurt by the bottle. He's from a tribe in Botswana that speaks with a clicking language, where they click with their mouths - it is really interesting to hear actually. Anyway, I have fond memories of the film - seems like a fun topic for a paper :)

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as far as a paper goes our Spanish prof told us that if we were in the next year of Spanish we would write a 5 page paper (in spanish of course) on the bottle and i'm not even sure, but it would have been a five page paper about a bottle!
Needless to say we were pretty glad we weren't in the next level... :)

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I don't know about this movie being weird, but I certainly enjoyed it. My parents are from Ethiopia and they adore it. It's up there on the comedic scale for them and for me as well. I was on the floor the first time I saw the movie. Personally, my favorite part is when the two kids are trying to climb out of the sunroof of a car and they step on the trigger of a gun that shoots a bullet skyward. Quite politically incorrect of me to like that part, but the reaction was so shocking, how they both fell back into the car, and how cute they were. I'm not sure if that was in the first or the second. In the end I found that the movie was a really sweet look on the difference of societies. I really liked the movie. How cool... I want an assignment like that as well! Although 5 pages on the bottle... don't know about that!