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Hi All :)

I am new to this website and thought I would introduce myself. I am 27 yrs oled and I am going to be travelling alone next year and I am a little nervous. I have to say though that this website has been great. I am living in Canada at the moment but heading over to my parents in Ireland and starting from there. I want to see everything but only have about 9 months and that just doesn't seem like enough time.

I would really like to see Africa, Asia, NZ & OZ to name a few places.

Does anyone out there have any idea what a trip like this would cost?

Any advice for a single female travelling alone?


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No problem, I have been travelling alone for a few years. Take good care of yourself every moment, it is important but difficult to do when you travel for too long time...tired, if you feel tired, don't go ahead, just go home, no problem.

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I am not a single female, nor am i female (single though - no wonder) but have met many traveling around. Single travelers attract single travelers who will all help look out for each other. There are good and bad (mnay more good than bad) so careful who you trust of course.

I do not think I have gone traveling and NOT met a single person traveling alone in the varous traveler places to hang out.

Have a great trip!

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I'm a 25 year old female from London who is thinking of doing a RTW trip alone in November this year. To be honest, travelling alone it is the only thing holding me back from being excited about travelling as my parents are less thrilled and i am very anxious. From talking to people they have said to trust my instincts, to plan my first couple of weeks well so as not to panic. I plan on using the travel advisors on this site to help me book accommodation and travel tips for my port of call...Thailand. I think to research and plan before you is quite important. To be honest i can't offer much advise but i just wanted you to know that there are others out there with all the same worries as you and as i'm sure travel agents and everyone has told you, so many people like us take this on every year and have the time of their lives, the hardest part is to book that ticket and face our fear!

Wishing you the best of luck with your travels, may they be both safe and a fantastic experiece!


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I´m 27, female, and I LOVE travelling alone! Right now, I´m in South America and have been here since January. I can honestly say that I have had no problems being on my own! To be honest, I dont think I could travel with another person for a prolonged period of time...maybe that says some bad things about me, but I care not! .

I had done some solo trips before this one, but only in Europe and the US, and I was very nervous heading off to South America without any back-up.

Just go for it! I assure you I was as nervous as anyone, and in hindsight I feel foolish for being so. Travelling down here is fine as long as you are careful and prepared for certain things to go wrong. And, you are never really alone - its true. In fact, there are days when i just crave a bit of ME time! If you stay in hostels, there are always other backpackers to talk to, always activities going on. You meet so many people when you book tours and then its easy to hook up with them for a few days and travel together.

For me, the biggest advantage of being alone is that I can decide to change my plans at the drop of a hat. Being a bit of an indecisive person, that works out great for me! :) Ive met so many girlfriends travelling together who end up having alittle bitch behind each other´s backs because they´ve just been together too long. One wants to do one thing, but maybe the stronger personality of the two will end up making the decision..and you can just see the resentment building. I would hate that.

Also, another thing is that you meet so many "locals" (wherever you are) because they are really curious when they see a female "gringo" on her own. The South AMericans are really inquisitive and just come straight up and talk to you. Ive had some great experiences that way! :)

Anyway, Ill stop going on - you get the picture. Dont be nervous. Its the best way to travel! ;)