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im leaving at the end of the month, for a month and my route looks like this: amsterdam-berlin-prague-munich-zagreb-split-ljubljana-venice-milan.
does anyone have advise where to stay or what are best places and what are must sees in each place. any info would br great!!!

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That's a lot to see in one month! You need at least 4 days in Amsterdam and Berlin do these cities justice, same with Prague and Munich. So that's already 16 days, plus 4 days of travel between the cities, which leaves you with 10 days for the rest of your initiary!

If you want to cover that much, I recommend that you fly at least once with a budget airline - Amsterdam to Berlin for example. With this you could split one day between A'dam and Berlin.

You might also want to exchange Munich for Vienna, it makes more sense distance-wise. Another swap I would suggest is Florence for Milan, because there is not much to see and do in Milan.

I also suggest you decide on either of those two options:

1) scratch Zagreb-Split-Ljubljana off your list and go Berlin-Prague-Bratislava-Vienna-Venice or
2)scratch (Amsterdam-)Berlin-Prague-Munich and replace it with Vienna and Bratislava.

In 2) you would need to fly to Vienna or Bratislava from A'dam or (if you scratch A'dam too because it is just too far out of your way) directly to Vienna.

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yeah thats worthy of a WHOA!

Munich to Zagreb is hella far away! listen to t_maia - she has some good advice!

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Aww, Jeff!

Actually, Munich-Zagreb is the only thing that makes halfway sense to me, because there is a direct train Munich-Zagreb via Salzburg, Jesenice and Ljubljana. The train leaves late in the evening and arrives in the morning in Zagreb.

But personally I would always do the journey Ljubljana to Munich, because "surprisingly" it does make a difference where you buy your tickets - Munich through DB or the Balkan. (Unless you got Interrail, of course. But then I would never buy an Interrail ticket with more than one zone, as I find a waste of money to rush and try to make as many cities/countries a notch in my traveller's belt.)

So I would fly into Italy, go to Florence, Rome and Venice. If I wanted Split, I would do Rome last and take a ferry to Croatia. Otherwise I would go from Venice to Ljubljana and from there to Salzburg. From Salzburg I would head either through Linz and Passau to Munich or to Prague - provided I had any time left that I didn't spent relaxing on the beach in Split.

Blindeye, if you are travelling indeed on interrail and intend to do all these journeys by night train, be aware that you will have to pay extra for a lot of them. Also you won't always be able to sleep (thieves!!!), so you will be tired and not in a state to enjoy your destinations at all.