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im a UK national, was raised in the US but went back to the UK in my late teens.i now wish to go back to the states but ive a problem as im petrified of air travel! my parents had to drag me onto each of my previous flights, a real battle that i dont wish to fight again.

so im goin by sea. im not looking for luxury cruise travel, i want to go by merchant ship or the cheapest thing like that. can someone point me in the right direction on this one please.



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As a life non-flyer, Yes i do, but i don't have time at the moment and won't until i get back to Europe. I won't be online much until early June, so if you can wait until then, i'll chuck you some bits. If you heard anything, drop me a reminder.

Rich (on a madcap overland sprint from Bangkok to Zagreb)

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thx for your reply , im itching to get back there ASAP. my bro says see my doctor and get pills to calm myself for a flight but i cant lol.

looking forward to your reply/advice


andrew :)

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Two to three years ago, we saw a PBS program about "vacation cruises" on the cargo ships (from the UK) that brought goods to Florida and the Carribean, returning to the UK with bananas. It looked like a fun way to go as long as you brought along books to read and liked playing shuffleboard.

Here are some links that may be of help with your planning:

Cargo Ship Travel
Freighter World Ports (links)

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I have some US Navy uniforms i would sell you real cheap! all you have to do is go down to Plymouth and jump a ride on the next one heading back home!

All kidding aside, I have taken the flight across the Pond six times in the last few years and its not a bad flight at all, if you get one that leaves late evening and flys all night you can just down a few beers, or many, and sleep the whole way, only like a 7 hour flight to New York and then you can get on train, coach, whatever from there. Just buck up and get on the plane, there is nothing to be affraid of, you have a better chance of winning the lottery or getting struck twice by lightening than dying in a plane crash-no joke!

But if you still want those Navy uniforms, Real Cheap, dixie cup and all. Ill even throw in a few medals to that will get the birds looking.;)