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I'm interested in a number of opinions on this matter, so feel free to share.

My wife and I will be going to Europe for a tour lasting about a month in June. We're considering taking a relatively large / expensive camera (a Nikon D50.) However, we have some concerns about this: will it be too heavy, is it more trouble than it's worth when we could take our smaller digital camera, should we be concerned about the safety and security of the camera?

On the other hand, we're trying to do this trip on the cheap, so it's possible that the vast majority of our souveniers will be photographic in nature.

So, what do people think? Is it worthwhile to take a nicer camera given that we'll be walking quite a bit? Does anyone have stories of your own camera toting (either pro or con)?

Thanks in advance!

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It's really up to you. If you go out to take pictures around where you live, do you prefer compact or slr camera? If you have both, compact and slr camera and you both are into photography, take both cameras maybe? I went to London for a week some time ago, and had brand new slr, olympus e-500 with me - I felt safe. The downside was that learning curve of slr cameras is pretty damn deep when converting from a compact, and I had to use automatic mode for the first few days. Most pictures turned out ok fortunately. And I went to a 3 day bike trip on the previous weekend, had my compact camera with me then. It was really convenient to use, but I did miss large images, 4mp is not enough for me. If you have to crop the shot, it's likely that you won't have much of an image left, to be printed out. Also, the battery life was pretty good for a compact camera, used the same set of 2400mah batteries for all 3 days and over 400 photos. (camera: Canon A80).
Either way, both cameras have their good and bad sides. I kind of missed the speed, low noise high iso, but the convenience was worth it on the bike trip. That was probably because of the twist/flip lcd screen on A80. When using slr, I wished for... better battery life, and a polarizing filter, as I didn't have one at that time yet.
I'd go with a camera, that I'm familiar with and have been using for a while. I'd prefer dslr, and a place to back all these pictures up too! Shot 6gb of pics in jpg within 5 days in London alone! No way will dslr be too heavy!
In the end it's the photographer, not the camera, that takes good photos. ;)

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