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Hello all,

I am planning to go to Turkey in August '06. I would like to visit Cappadocia, and I am looking for any information re hotels, sightseeing etc in this area. If you know something about local cuisine - please let me know. To be honest I have no idea what to expect.

thx in advance


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Cappadica is nice, interesting topography and some old stuff (ie, unground cities and badly maintained frescos), lots of pensions, some but right into the lava structures "cave hotels". The area is spread out, so you either need to rent a car/motorbike or base yourself (most people choose goreme) and take a tour.

How many days do you have?

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Hey I am also planning on going to Turkey and Cappadocia in July/August '06 and am wondering what is that best way to to get their from Istanbul and are their any camping/backpacking opportunities in the area?

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prices for Cappadocia
bus ticket from Istanbul to Cappadocia(Goreme)40 ytl...
pension which belongs to me :) 10 euro for each....
for two days cappadocia tour 100 ytl for each....
believe me that's the best way to travel around here.
I have been working here for 4 years as a professional tour guide...
thats why I am sayin it like thisss.
for more information pls mail

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Goreme in Cappadocia is a backpackers hell or heaven, depending upon your point of view. The whole infrastructure of the village is nowadays geared towards backpackers - cheap pensions, bus travel, internet points, etc. It is very touristy. (I didn't like it.)

I've been there last year and I found it easy enough to get around with bus and on my own feet. (I do not have a driver's license.) Though a scooter does make sense if you are into photography or like your comfort.

To get there from Istanbul, you need to take the bus to Nevsehir. You might have to change at Ankara, Aksaray or Kayseri to get to Nevsehir, from where you can then catch a bus to Goreme. Travel time is approx. 12 hours or even more if you have to wait for a connection.

It is also possible to fly in and out of Kayseri airport to Istanbul for approx. 50 EUR, which I highly recommend if time is short. Check the travel agencies in the Sultanahmet area in Istanbul for offers.

If you love trains, you can also catch a train from Istanbul to Kayseri and connect from there by bus - but please note that this is the slowest option of travel.

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cappadocia is great, on of the highlights of turkey, you can get there on your own or on a package tour from istanbul, which is very handy (although of course more pricey), because you avoid changing buses and other travel hassles - just enter any travel agency in istanbul's main street (divan youlu cad as far as i remember) and ask for something related to cappadocia (don´t say that you want to go on a tour, just enquire about accommodation or travel details, wait till they ask you "why don´t you buy a tour?", thanks to it they will propose you a lower price to help you decide;)

i was in cappadocia in the middle of the winter (december) and loved the place - it was snowy, freezing, sunny and absolutely great. no tourists at all.

the tourist centre of cappadocia is the town of goreme, if you get there on your own, you can buy bus tours in the surroundings, although you can just hike in the countryside, a fascinating village of uchisar is within walking distance from goreme. the famous fairy-tale cappadocia landscapes are all around, even in the centre of goreme.

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Do anyone know the exchange ratesof YTL?



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