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1. Posted by partyhard (Budding Member 21 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

Hey all

I have 9 hours in Bangkok airport, just wondering if anyone knows about leaving it to do maybe a city tour or something like that, just to waste some time?? any advice would be awesome!!!\


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In airport, they will be some tour guide approaching visitor on some day tour thingy. You can tell them about the time u have.

Or you can walk over to the train station just opposite the airport n take a train to town but the train is not often.

One major thing to consider is the traffic jam in Bangkok.

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Bangkok is a great city and is worth a look.

9 hours seriously is not enough time. However, I can recommend you go to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho. Forget the train or bus. Get a cab. For about 300 baht you can get to the Palace (transport time 1 hour ish). Ish was traffic as pointed out can be horrendous depending on a variety of factors.

Pat Pong if you like the seedy aspect in the evening (depending on arrival time) or Kho San Road for markets and the travel buzz.

Wat Pho you can get a massage for 1 hour for about 350 baht and there will be no confusion on only wanting a massage.

The airport is seriously expensive for anything. From memory the pub was more expensive that the Heathrow T2 pub.

Only downside is travel can take considerable time as the traffic light system is mental.

Have a good one.

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only 9 hours!!! what time of the day?

the Bangkok airport is far away from city. usually it takes 1 hour from the city to airport in the early morning and very late at night. if in the busy, probably it takes 2 to 3 hours one way. you only have 9 hours, and I will suggest that don't go anywhere.

and, probably you also need to pay that 500Baht for leaving town in BKK airport, if you go to do tour in the city.

however, if you arrive in the weekend, you can go to JJ weekend market just for going around. from airport to JJ market is around half hour ride. you should be OK, if you really want to go around in this 9 hours.

good luck!!!;)

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Of course you should get into town. If nothing else, just hang out around Kho San road, to see something else than the airport (which, as we all know, is NOT an interesting place...). It's easy to go there and back by bus, and you will have a couple of hours of fruitshakes, pad thai, people watching, massage or whatever you feel like. Of course it will cost you a bit, but int's not gonna be a fortune, and after all you can look at it as a treat in the end (or the beginning) of your trip!

Good luck!