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I was wondering if anybody could help me??

I am going to sousse on the 26May-4June 2006 for one week(I will be working at the Sousse University)!! I have never been anywhere on my own so im kinda scared and excited!!

1)Does anyone konw of the weather at this time?? I hope its nice and warm....
2)Dress code: i'm a female, but was wondering what is acceptable and where??

and finally..can someone recommend anywhere nice in sousse where I can make friends easily??

Any information would be great!!

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I've been to Tunisia for a week and spent one night only in Sousse, so not much help there for the making friends.
Dress Code, I think the best thing is to dress as conservatively as possible (no mini skirt, low tops, etc..) to start off with, you'll soon find out what's appropriate and what's not while you're there, but it's better not to take any risks. You don't want to attract unwanted attention.
I've been there in December and it was around 16 degrees with nice sunshine, so you'll be in for very warm weather during the summer.
One thing to watch out for is the 'Hustler'. You will run into people on numerous occassions trying to get you into their shop and sell you stuff or tours, etc... Just be firm and polite and walk on and what worked for me is the excuse 'I already have accomodation/desert tour and I've already paid for it'.
But seeing that you will be working at the university, I am sure you will meet loads of people who'll show you around and take care of you, so worries there.
Sousse is a very nice city, judging by the little I've seen, so you'll enjoy your stay there!

Hope this helps.

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if you are at the beach or in your hotel by the pool you need not worry about a dress code, and in general if you are in a very touristy location you will not need to dress so formal but see what other tourists are doing first, but at most cover your arms and above knee's and that will be fine. The further away you move from the tourist zones the more traditional it gets.

Here is a travel guide of Sousse which will be very useful for you.


Please ask any more questions you have and have a great time.

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