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Hi guys,
I'll be flying from Canada (Calgary) to Tokyo in late October for a wedding, and then plan on spending 3 weeks in Thailand. Anyone know of a cheap airline in Japan that'll get me to Bangkok? Having trouble finding prices online.

Also hoping to be in Kho Phangan for the full moon party there on Nov. 5. Anyone else planning to be there then? Anyone who has been there for one of them? Any reason to stay longer than just the party?


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check out HIS... it's a Japan-based company that sells fairly cheap flights... it's who I usually go through. Cheapest companies are usually United and Northwest.

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Check Thai Airways:

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Thai Airways will be the cheapest. If you are planning to go to Kho Phangan. Then you have to fly from Bangkok to Samui for the Full Moon Party. When you are there book your boat ticket to Kho Phangan. It is around 300 baht return. Remember not to sleep on the sand, you might get biten by sandfly and it will spoilt your vacation. Bring along a wind breaker when you are there.

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To stay 1 extra night in Kho Phangan will be OK cause the island is pretty small.

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I am a temporary expat living in Japan; for flights -I usually check an English magazine, published in Tokyo(it contains competive flight rates). Web site address for magazine is: . It has ok info on sites, restaurants ( if you are into stuffy side of things), after living here a two years, wouldn't count on it for daily survival for entertainment or food/drink knowledge ( make friends with a local, same as at home, like likes like)

Ads within magazine are:
(First is my preference, only because I used several times and it was painless)
(they speak english- on site-email is much easier to confirm details; if you don't speak fluent Japanese) there are convenietly located- unless you end up in some far away suburb.)
I have used this company and have had no problems; they were very conscientious with finalizing details, --but it is Japan( they excel at details) after a handful of copies and itenerary sheets I smiled. bowed,took my copies and landed in Ho Chi Mingh...without problems and enjoyed my vacation with out a trouble,or a hitch.

Another option: (have not tried, but they ofer economy prices)I
used this company's website as a base comparision. ( Did not engage company, because I had certain dates in mind; I sterotyped them as student consildator flights,, (I am to old, to blend in with the lambs..) (good prices, mention advertisement if you are "gajin", prices seem higher otherwise. Purchased once, Quoted one price after I gave itenerary, mentioned ad, they were happy to comply.. Japanese travel agents are not "being shifty"; but my experience is that the money you are willlng to pay is still considered a prestige factor.. Expat, gagin,, an overdone sterotype. I hope info. helps..

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Check here:

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Buying while you are in Japan is much cheaper than the internet sites. I live in Japan and always use HIT travel, you can check their website and then make arrangements by phone, email or in person while you are in Japan. You should be able to get there for 30-40 000 yen as it is a popular route and Tokyo is often a transit point.

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