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I'm thinking about moving to either Ireland or England. That would be me, my wife and our 7 year old kid, we are portuguese citizens. How do I do that? I have been told that it would be extremely dificult for us to go together (is that true?), if I go first how long would I have to wait for them? how much money would I need to get by for a about a month. I have also been told that in England you can not rent a flat or a room without having a bank account for some time (is that true), of these two countries wich one as the best immigration laws. My wife is a lawier, is it possible for her to continue to do her work in either of these contries. And how about the kid? what is school like for a 7 year old foreign boy? I would really aprecciate if anyone could shed some light about these issues.

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I don't know about the immigration laws mate. But as an Aussie teacher working in a school near London, my one bit of advice is DON'T put your kid into the English school system unless you can afford public (ie private) schooling (about £20K per year) or if you are confident your kid will pass the 11+ test and get into a grammar school (unlikely if s/he is not fluent in English and very bright).

The english school system is just a circus; you would probably not know your own child within a year.

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It is not that hard to go to Ireland or England for work if you are EU-citizen.

The way I would do it:

There are several EU-sponsored agencies out there that specialise in EU-wide recruitment. They can help you immensively, because they can tell you everything there is to know about the laws, the social security and insurance issues and what ever else you need to know.

In Germany where I live these agencies are associated with the government-run Federal Employment Agency.

I would contact a few of them and enlist their help in getting basic information.

Then I would follow their tips, like writing my job application the way it is customary in Ireland and the UK. I would also put up ads in the Newspapers in London or Ireland.

Your wife has it a bit harder, as law is usually country-specific. She would need to find a job that either required knowledge of Portugese law (tough) or be resigned to general office work.

Once at least one of you has a decent job, that one should go to Ireland or the UK and get everything ready - find an appartment, a good school for your child, fix the papers,...

The other would stay behind with your child and organise the move from that end - pack stuff and take care of all the paper work.