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By popular demand, here's a list of moderators and their domains. Enter at your own risk...

Africa and The Middle East :: Utrecht , berner256
Asia :: berner256 , bex76
Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific :: Sander , bex76
Central/South America & The Caribbean :: Borisborough
Europe :: mojorob , Andyf
General Talk :: Andyf , bex76
Introductions :: Borisborough spocklogic
North America :: berner256
Off Topic :: Andyf
Round the World Travel :: Utrecht, ToddP
System Talk :: Hien , Sander
Travel Companions :: dr.pepper, ToddP
Travel Gear :: berner256
Travel Photography :: Sander
Wiki Travel Guide :: Utrecht , Herr Bert

Oh, and Peter and myself can moderate all the forums.

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ps. I'll update this list as moderators are added/change etc.

[ Edit: Updated List as of today = 26 Feb 2019 ]

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