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1. Posted by omelette81 (Budding Member 6 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone,

Can you please help me plan my trip from Buenos Aires to Rio - how long does it take on the bus, is it possible to do in 3-5h/day on the bus chunks, or are there overnight buses that don`t stop, or?... What is a good and safe bus company to take, how often do the buses depart and where from in BA? Also, any suggestions on what to see en route (apart from Iguazu) would be greatly welcome.

Thanks a lot guys!!!

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Dear Anna,

Don't stress; this is among the heaviest-travelled routes in South America, so you're definitely not alone on this one :-)

In BsAs, just go to the retiro bus terminal; all companies offering direct services to Rio are located in the same area (booths 130 and higher, I think; just ask at the informations stand). There's several feasible routes: either you travel north along the coast, which I think is slightly boring, or you go via Iguazu falls, which is VERY much worth the detour and hardly takes much more time.

All bus companies are reliable, although some (Bariloche, for instance) offer much better value for your money than others. If you decide to cover the distance in one or two long hauls, be sure to pay a little extra for business class (coche cama, totalcama, servicio ejecutivo, depending on the bus company). In all cases, bring sufficient food (empanadas, excellent samples to be had outside retiro!) and water. And toilet paper :-)

have fun,
Niels (Amsterdam)

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Hello, I'm actually going the opposite way. I'm flying into Rio and finding my way to BsAs. Just wondering how many days I should allocate for the bus ride and what my options are as far as types of buses, overnight rides, and how many breaks we get if it's nonstop. Any recommendations?

I want to travel from Rio de Jeniro to Foz Iguacu on bus, spend a few days there, and head to Buenos Aires. Do I have to purchase tickets to each stop or can I leave the bus as I please and hop on the next bus? Anywone know how much plane tickets are to fly from Rio to Foz and from Foz to BsAs?

I'm planning on staying a few nights at Foz to check out both sides of the falls. I don't mind bussing it around of there are some cool stops.

Thanks for your help,


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Hey Mike,

Sounds like you pretty much figured it out. I guess there's several direct services from Rio to Foz; I haven't travelled that part myself, but it seems like a pretty well-covered part of South America to me. Depending on when you go, tickets for the Argentine stretch can usually be bought on the day of travelling, I only had to wait once for two days, and that was in the absolute peak season. Btw, don't buy a ticket to BsAs in Brazil, as it will be much cheaper in Pto Iguazu on the argentine side.

And don't fly; flying is a completely irresponsible form of transportation and should be limited to those indispensable intercontinental moves that you absolutely need to make. See my other threads re this issue.

Things to see in between Iguazu and BsAs: many. There's a few interesting national parks, the Paraguayan side of the pantanal, very relaxed cities like parana, the jesuit missions... check your guidebook; most places mentioned deserve a little visit, and are easy enough to reach.

Have fun,
Niels (Amsterdam)

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Hey Anna,
you could always stop for a few days in Uruguay if you want to. It's my absolute favourite country in South America (have a look at my blog) and if you have enough time I think you should give it a chance. You can go by boat from Bs.As to Carmelo, Colonia or Montevideo in Uruguay and go by bus from there.

Good luck!