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I am planning a trip to cuba in oct/nov. I want to travel pretty much as cheaply as possible. I was hoping for some advice on daily costs. From what ive read 50 to 80 CUCs seems like it would be ok. Does this amount seem alright , any feedback would be appreciated.:)

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From what I remember that seems reasonable, but it depends on how many of you are travelling together. Rooms with casa's tend not to cost over 20 CUC's a night and they're usually for two people, so obviously if their are two of you this cost is halved. Eating in casas (which is highly reccommended) can cost about 3CUC's each for breakfast and 6 CUC's each for the main meal. This could fluctaute up or down depending on where you stay, what part of the country you're in and how you bargain but those costs would usually be the upper end of the scale and wouldn't move more than a few CUC's up.

If you travel with local transport it is very cheap to travel but I wouldn't advise it for when you're bringing your bags with you. Taxi's are negotiable... as an example for longer journey taxi rides, we got from Varadero airport to Havana central for 15CUC's but expect to pay 20-25, and from Havana to Santa Clara for 50CUC's and from what I remember (don't hold me to this ) the bus would've cost about 40CUC's.

Hope this helps...

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thanks that does help. I will be travelling alone so i will have to bear the whole burden. The taxi info is also good to know, its better to know now so its harder to get ripped off when i go.

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50-80 CUCs per day is reasonable, but be conservative in case of emergencies and budget up to 100 CUCs per day. Also budget more for Havana, Varadero and Trinidad if you are spending more time in these cities and a little less for other cities which tend to be slightly cheaper.

Don't spend any more than 30CUCs on a casa per night in Havana, less in other cities. Also try to eat in casas wherever possible, preferably the one you are staying in.

It is also cheaper to take the vi-azul bus between cities as opposed to a taxi.

Also try to find ways to spend in local cuban pesos as opposed to CUCs, though this is easier said than done.

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I concur!

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I just came back from a three weeks visit to the island and stayed all the time in "casas particulares", they can make your trip a lot cheaper and most of the times they are very clean, quite comfortable and the owners will serve breakfast and dinner if you wish.
Expect to pay for the "casa" between 25-30 CUC (Cuban convertible pesos) in Havana and between 20 - 25 in the rest of the country (only in Varadero is not allowed to rent rooms to tourists). For breakfast be ready to pay around 2-3 CUC, and 6 - 9 for dinner (a bit more for a lobster). Si I think 50 - 80 CUC per day should be more than enough to sleep, eat and have some fun.
Of all the cities I visited in Cuba I stayed the longest in Santiago, my favourite house there is "Casa de Mery y Tania" ( http://www.geocities.com/hospedajesantiago/HS_en.html). Nice family and wonderful food.
You can make your transportations costs as low/high as you wish, Viazul busses is a cheap way of travelling. I found the taxis there not expensive and if you look like a Cuban you can always change a couple of dollars for pesos and give it a try to their public transport (take care of your wallet).

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thanks everyone! I feel pretty confident about my budget. I have enough to go for a month with 80 CUCs a day plus a reserve for any emergencys. I sincerly appreciate everyones help