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hi guys

I`ve seen plenty of advice on not putting your camera into your daypack - well where do you put it then? leave it in the hotel - what use bringing it then, and who knows how safe hotel rooms are.


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either bring a small one that fits the pockets of your pants, or risk being pickpocketed. You'll risk being pickpocketed, anyway :-)

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I fell in love with, and relied on for a combined 23 in South America and New Zealand/Australia, four PacSafe products.

The first is their MetroSafe shoulder bag. I wore that 100% of the time I was in South America, kept my camera in it, sunglasses, wallet, etc. I NEVER took it off except when I was in my room, and the thing performed beautifully.

I also carried their TravelSafe 100 (for a year in New Zealand)) and didn't loose a thing, including the small laptop I travled with. (Laptop? I'm a writer and prolific digital photographer).

For my South America trip, I opted to travel with the heavier medium-size pac safe backpack net. There is a bit of controversy over using these. Some say that it advertises that I have something valuable in my pack. I say it keeps sticky fingers out. I locked my backpack up when I left it in a dorm room, when I traveled on a bus, or had to leave it for a quick pit stop. The net has a cable long enough to lock the whole works up to a post (gotta be solid) for a quick trip to the loo.

Finally, I also traveled with their neck pouch. Unlike the MetroSafe, I didn't carry this all the time, but when I was on the bus, plane, train, boat and needed fast access to travel docs or was sleeping in a public place, this kept my uber-valuables in a safe, hidden place.

Yes, I'm a PacSafe junkie, but I had good luck with their products and would recommend them to anyone.

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Very good advice as travellers most often lose the camera at least when pickpocketed, investing in such gear seems sound.

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Of course you shouldn't leave your camera in the hotel room! Just keep your eyes open all the time and use common sense, and you'll be fine.

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If one has an expensive camera one might think of the possibility of maybe paying a few dollars more a day to stay in a lodging place that has a safe or lock box, here in Latin America we have a saying "barato sale caro" means basically sometimes "cheap" services turn out to be very expensive after you get cheated or robbed. Why carry a camera when you go out at night? I met recently travellers staying in super cheap hostel carrying their passports (you only need cary a photocopy), ATM cards, cash and cameras with them day and night and they got robbed!!!! I have not been robbed for almost 20 years now in Central America and when I was robbed it was my fault. Sometimes spending few dollars more will bring you peace of mind and tipping people who work..NOT beggars nor glue sniffing kids..like waiters, shoeshine boys, a taxi driver who'll give the fare charged to locals, hotel employees, etc. you will make lasting friendships. Normally in many countries in Latin America 10% is added on to the bill at some restaurants since locals don't tip..for example here in Central America waiters and waitrsses usually get monthly minimum salary and no tips While in the US waiters wages are low and tips high.