Really wanting to travel but no idea what to do 1st?!!

Travel Forums General Talk Really wanting to travel but no idea what to do 1st?!!

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Me and my boyfriend are planning to travel within the next yr and i am very nervous bout where to begin and what countries are good and wher eto stay away from.

If anyone can give me advice onhow to start that'll be really good

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Really Emma there is nothing to be nervous about. If you keep up to date on information about certain countries then you are half way there. Secondly is just to use common sense when out and about such as not waving a digital camera and flash watch and spare cash around when in some of the worlds poorer cities. Always walk like you have a purpose even when you are completely lost and generally follow the steps you would back home. Respect other cultures values and go with an open mind and you and your boyfriend should be fine. By the way I have travelled on my own RTW before and I am currently working in Brazil and having a great time. I am from Great Britain but have no intentions of returning just yet. Once youre out there doing all the great things you will realise that there is nothing to be nervous about really!

RAch :)

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Hi Rach,

Thanks for your reply, i am quite nervous bout doing this travelling but i am nervous in a good way, what you say in regards to safety is good advice thank you for that.

Any particular places you really enjoyed visiting?

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Let me add to Rach that there is a number of threads about safety; they're full of good advice.

In general, I'd recommend South America (especially Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Venezuela, not Bolivia, Colombia or Ecuador), or else Australia to first-time travellers rather than Asia. But others will tell you otherwise :-)

have the best possible time, and please travel responsibly (which means taking ground transportation whenever you can, air travel only when you must),

Niels (Amsterdam)

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The travel warnings from your country's foreign ministry and diplomatic service are a good place to start, but keep in mind that they are politically influenced.

These travel warnings are usually available online. They aren't very reliable as far as it goes for real travel safety, as they are sometimes outdated. But they will inform you of the countries in which your government won't help you if you go there and get in trouble.

If you have no particular place you really want to see, you could simply take one of the cheapest RTW tickets available and go to these cities that are included there. It would safe you from the tried and proven method of throwing darts at maps.

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I was slightly nervous the first time i went away. I was 17 and going to New Zealand for 3 months. All i new was the date i was flying there and the date i was flying home. Didn't have any accomodation booked for when i arrived (possibly not the best idea though but seeing as it was winter i was ok). I had the most amazing time and i'm sure you will wherever you go. I haven't travelled anyway near as much as some people but would definately recommend New Zealand as a good place to go, especially for a first time trip. It's an english speaking country with really friendly people and it's a fairly safe place to go.

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Hi Emma,
First just find it in yourself what you've alway dreamed of doing or going.If you've never been to Kenya take this chance and go there have safari to the famous masai mara where the migration of wildbeest take place for 4 days,L.Nakuru and see the flamingoes and the white & black rhinoes,L.Baringo/Bogori for hot springs and finally Mt.Kenya,Mombasa.
Try that and see how it would feel and am very sure yougoing to like it.


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hey rach . . i totally agree with evelyne's suggestion . . you must start with the country you always desired to see . . and of course the anxiety strikes everyone the first time . . but you start to enjoy it once you reach there..and i am sure you will

in case u having a hard time deciding where to go ...just pick up a map.. close your eyes ..turn it clockwise a few times .. then put ur finger somewhere on it...and thats the country you want to go to ..
u have fun

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If this is your first time travelling and are nervous I would recommend starting with a country where you speak the language. That way you can get your feet wet and get warmed up for your travel, but you don't have to worry about the language barrier, YET. For example, if you speak French do France, then Poland then India or move up the difficulty for each step.

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I can tell you something, in all the cities in the world I felt the most nervous wandering around has to be London! if you can survive London, you'll be fine anywhere.....