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hey all,
I am traveling to Chile and Argentina this July and August and have a few questions. I'd really appreciate the help...thanks in advance!

1. I am doing a language school and have the option of: Buenos Aires, Cordoba or Santiago. Seems like people like the Argentine cities better, no? I am also considering the type of Spanish I will hear/learn. I know Chilean is faster and more slang and Argentine is more sing-songy and has the vosotros. I work with a immigrants here in the States (Mexican mostly) and which place would provide a better learning experience. So: Cordoba, BA, or Santiago?

2. I am excited to go but a bit bummed about the winter thing. Will it be comfortable outside? Whats your experiences travelling in July and August there? drawbacks?

Thanks! Looking forward to your feedback,


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I have never been in the winter time. But I know that Buenos Aires is a city that never sleeps. If you want to party that is the place for sure. It will be way cheaper than Chile and way better, but that's just my opinion. BA hands down #1 you CAN NOT miss that city.

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The most 'standard' SA spanish is not spoken in Argentina... I don't know about the weather in Santiago in winter, but Cordoba and BsAs are largely the same; rainy, though not very cold. I'd never go to Cordoba for a longer period, simply because that city is too boring re indoor activities. But what about Quito, which is claimed to be the Mekka of spanish language schools? Weather's excellent there in August...

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BA is still full of life throughout the winter months. BA in winter can get cold, but not the extreme cold of the far south and tolerable with some decent winter clothing.

Cordoba is a warmer city and when I was there last year in late July there were some days around 30 celcius. Cold won't be an issue here, however is a less lively city than BA and has some good sights and towns to visit nearby.

Still, BA would be my pick.

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Cordoba is a very nice city the weather might be better than in Buenos Aires in the winter. Night life less active but not bad.
People are warm and friendly. Probably quieter than the ones in Buenos Aires. The province offers outdoor activities beautiful landscapes and good prices.

Buenos Aires city is complete. Winters are not very harsh. temperatures will never be lower than the ones in the Northern Hemph. Our winter has 10 days in all which are really cold. and you will need a good jacket. Nothing so bad.

If your plan is visiting the rest of the country. Both of them have good links.
Being in Cordoba you are nearer Salta, Mendoza for a 4 day visit by bus.
By plane you have direct flights to Salta, Mendoza, Bariloche and Iguazu which are the main destinations.

have to admit that Cordoba is a good option. I am from Buenos Aires.

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Thanks for you input all, I appreciate it!