How many countries can u visit with a WHV??

Travel Forums General Talk How many countries can u visit with a WHV??

1. Posted by cardb9 (Budding Member 46 posts) 17y Star this if you like it!

I knew you could go to OZ, NZ and Canada with a working holiday visa but ive just been told by someone I know that you cn also get German, Danish, Dutch and even Korean and Japanese Working holiday visas...this true?

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it depends on the country you are from or your nationality or the agreement between both countries, whether they are willing to make such a programme. if you were from the UK, then you have a lot of choices for WHV. i am from malaysia, 2 years ago, there were only 2 possible countries for WHV, that is the UK or NZ. but since last year, the WHV for UK was abolished maybe due to too many illegal immigrants working in the UK from Malaysia. sad to say, i am one of them. in my defense, i really wanted to come to the UK, but when i applied, i waited for 3 months and in the end, they told all the applicants that it was abolished, talk about getting shit in our faces. i made a choice, and now i am in the UK expreinceing the life here. i think i will go back soon, as i miss my country very much and i have seen most of UK.


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Since you're from the UK yourself, you don't need a working holiday visa to work anywhere in the EU, but can just do so.
But yes, most European countries have reciprocal working holiday visas with new zealand, australia, canada and a couple of asian countries.

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We (UK) can work in any EU (for three months without a visa and then you have to apply for one) or Common Wealth Country (and you watched the games - you must have.. tons of them) plus Australia (a year - but rumours are it'll change to two - can fruit pick for three months for your 2 already tho, NZ (2 yr), Cananda (1yr - i think).

Tis why our Passport is so sought after - we can literally work ourselves around the world.. in fact I think the only place we cant work easily in is the US - ironic really considering recent events