£15,000 ($28,000) enough for this round the world trip?

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I finish work on June 17th and sometime after plan to tour the world.

I have saved £15,000 ($28,000) but as I've just started out planning everything I'm unsure just how far this kind of budget will get me.

As I live in the UK I want to by a European Rail Card so that I can tour europe by train to start with for a few weeks. I then intend to visit the following in kind of this order:

Koh Samui
Kuala Lumpur
Nadi (Fiji)
Rarotonga (Cook Islands)
Pappeete (Tahiti)
San Francisco

Now im sure that a round the world ticket for all these destinations should be about £3500 ($6000) so I should have plenty of money left for food, accomodation and actually doing things.

My Biggest concern is the cost of accomodation as I forsee this trip taking at least a year....

I'd appreciate any help or pointers as it is such a daughnting task but it is going to happen!


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Hi Marc,

just wanted to tell you that if you're planning to buy staralliance or oneworld rtw passes your trip should begin and finish in the same country.., but if you've planned to buy just ow tickets or use other forms of transportation or something like that your plan might work. however, there are A LOT of destinations in your plan!

i think that you should easily make it with that budget, but it depends on what destinations you've planned to spend most of your time. simple rule: asia = cheap, australia & oceania = expensive - but i guess you knew it :)

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Hi Marc,

£15000 should be plenty.
My partner and I did a seven month trip last year and we had £12000 between us.
From your list we went to all the places from Bangkok onwards so if you need any advice just let me know.
Like Laura said, Asia is very cheap. Australia may seem expensive after time in Asia but in comparison to the UK it is cheaper.

Kristie x

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For most of North Africa and the Middle East you can roughly calculate with 10 USD per day for acco and 4 USD for food, maybe a bit less. If you watch your money, you'll easily get by on 20 USD/day. Don't know anything past Calcutta. Malta is going to be the most expensive part in this.

My advice: consider ending your European rail trip in Italy, there is a ferry going to Malta and Tunisia. Dakar and Nouakchott - please make absolutely sure you know what you are doing. These aren't really touristy destinations apart from that rally.

I would problably start my European trip in Morocco with a cheap flight from London to Agadir, and rail from there all over Europe. Or if it must be, follow the rally down to Dakar, return with them to Morocco and start there.

How are you getting to Cairo? An alternative can be the classic Europe to Cairo route via the Balkan, Istanbul, Syria, Jordan, etc.

BTW, if you are a single male driving a car from Europe to SE Asia, you could try to win the ultimate visa lottery - a transit visa through Saudi-Arabia. It *does* get issued once or twice every few years, I heard them saying...

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What is this with people with HUGE budgets but lots of worries?

You dont need to worry AT ALL. In all likelihood, you will waste the mostamount of money, in the poorest countries (shoppsing and such junk).

There´s generally very good Hostels all over the world and youwill most likely find some that suit you, good prices and nice people. What you have to think about is that its going to be your way of life for a year or so, so try making special deals and such. For example if you go to Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok, make a deal with the Hostel that your staying for ,lets say one month, and the prices will be better.

Both in Malaysia and Indonesia (as example), you can actually just rent an hotel room for an entire month, this is a very good deal, cost on average about 100€ a month (most families rent hotel rooms instead od buying house for example). Good quality so i recommend that when your in Asia.

Europe and U.S/Canada is obviously different, but you can probably come to an arrangement there to.

Seriously, dont even worry about it.