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We're planning on travelling to Hokkaido from Osaka via Tokyo/Mt Fuji for summer vacation. Does anyone have any advice on which places to visit upon arrival? Also, we're trying to keep to a tight budget, so what is the best/cheapest way to get through all of these destinations and back in two weeks (we're considering the ferry)?

Any and all advice you can give us will be much appreciated.

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Hey, welcome! Hokkaido is awesome. How long have you got? Do you want to camp or hostel? What kind of stuff do you want to see? The ferry from Tokyo is the cheapest way to go if you've got a strong stomache. After that probably the most exciting and least expensive way to travel, though maybe not the most time efficient, is hitching. It's especially easy if you've got a guy and a girl and you know some Japanese. There are lots of great places to stay and camp all over the island, so it really depends on how long you're coming and what kinds of things you'd like to see. PM me and I can do my best to help you out.

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I agree, Hokkaido is beautiful, I had a JR rail pass and you could take the night train from Tokyo to Hokkaido. It took me like 10-11 hours and saved me an accomodation. Fuji-san is an unforgettable experience. I did the night climb to see the sunrise. Check the weatherconditions before you climb the mountain. We did had good weather untill sunrise, but it got really windy up to the 8th station and I got really sick of high so that people recommended me to go down. Couldn't make it to the top ( ended up to 3200m). But it was terrific. Also Kamakura is really nice. It is a good daytrip from Tokyo. you can see the big Budha, and the tempels are really beautiful.
If you are on a budget, save your money by eating in some noodle restaurants. You can eat for a couple of dollars and you get a big bowl of noodles/fried rice.

Have fun, and if you want to have more information pm me

greetz Marianne