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A friend and I are planning to travel through Europe between 23rd June and 31st July. We are leaving Chennai, India on 23rd to Paris.

Our present plan is to visit France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Greece. We havent chalked out our itinerary in detail and we are running out of time. So, please to help!

At present, all we have is tickets to Paris and back booked, and a 1 month any time travel Eurail pass in hand. So train through Europe it shall be.

We propose to stay mostly in hotels, occasionally in friend's places. We can afford to pay around 80Euros per night for accomodation.

1. To start with, would like to find good places to stay in and around Paris with a 80Euro budget. I have the following hotels from my agent but am not too convinced about them:

Buttes Chaumont
Bel Grand
Amarys Simart
Paris 18
Royal Mansart

I also saw a recommendation Home Moderne by tway.. found that rates are around 50Euro per night.

2. Is a France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Greece by Eurail (without spending too much additionally for misc train travel) in a month too much in too little time ?

3. France for a week.. suggestions please..


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Are those 80 EUR for the two of you?

Because Europe is very expensive and if you have never been you'll be surprised how all those little things like entry fees, snacks, drinks and souveniers add up. If I was you I would get a private double room in a hostel or a cheap hotel. My aim would be for 60-70 EUR for two people in a double at maximum. This is certainly possible if you book through sites like hostelworld. (Don't go through an agent, unless you are very sure that the rates you get from them are better than the rates you get when you arrive without a booking.)

Another option would be to book a sleeper berth in night trains. You'll save lots of travelling time, especially for those long distances like Paris-Italy. You have Eurail anyway so you would pay only the supplement.

BTW, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands and Greece in one month is way to rushed . You need at least 4 days for Paris alone and whole of Italy needs 3 weeks just to see the major sights.

If I was you, I would stay in Paris for a few days, then make my way down to Italy. I would go (maybe via Germany) through Switzerland on one of the scenic routes (see www.myswitzerland.com), stop for a day at Interlaken, go to Venice (2 days), Florence (3 days), Rome(5 days), Neapel and Pompeii and maybe(!) hit the Greece Islands. Then I would make my way back to Paris and if I still had time then I would maybe go to Amsterdam.

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About Paris, sorry I can't help.
About France in one week, I would very much recommend Toulouse, in the south of France, close to the Pyrenees. From there you have a very easy access on the Eurorail to Spain, both the east coast (Barcelona) or the east coast (Galicia and the Basque Country).

I think that doing all those countries in one month is too much. You will find yourself going from one place to another the whole day, maybe wasting a lot of times in deplacements...

I think it's best to focus on 2 or 3 countries at the most. Choose the most geographically closest ones. For example, trying to do Spain, France and Greece, doesn't make a sense. Italy, France and Spain would be a good choice. And if you want two countries, I must recommend France and Spain. I know that most people like Italy, I do, I love it, the whole country is amazing, but just give Spain a chance, this country is as amazing as any other one.

Anyway, have fun, everywhere you go!!!!!!