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Has anyone reading this message ever thought about or done a long distance canoe or
kayak trip down a river? I think it would be an incredible feeling of freedom to be out in
the middle of nowhere living on a river for an extended period of time. I was about 15
years old when my family took me on a power boat ride up the Snake River along the
Washington Idaho boarder. I saw several people on big river rafts four or five people to a
boat, but no solo, or dual travelers. If anyone out there wants to tell me a story, or think
about planning a trip with me, I'd be happy to hear from you. Thanks and Cheers,
Alex from Anchorage

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When I went to Cananda once I met this bloke who went to Algonquin Park every year for a few days just in a canoe, with a tent. It sounded absolutely amazing & made me very jealous. Setting up camp on the shores & living in the wild so far away from civilisation. I think if you have the opportunity to do it then you should definitely go.

Personally I think I would have to build up a bit more upper body strength before venturing out :(

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I grew up in Anchorage and used to float a few of the rivers up there solo and with friends, I also used to guide up there for a couple summers.

My suggestion for taking a trip up there is to go with a raft or a kayak, a canoe can be dangerous if you don't know the waterways you are going to be on very well. A guide boat is ideal too, but very expensive. One of my favorite trips used to be putting into the Russian river about 15 miles up from cooper's landing out towards Homer. There is a bridge that crosses the river where you can pull down to the river bank and leave a car and safely put your boat in. From here you can follow the Russian river which will flow into the Copper river, into the Kenai and then into The Skilak Lake Delta where there is a boat launch where you can pull out. If you go with a friend, drop their car off at the Delta and then go back and put in at the river crossing. The whole trip used to take me anywhere from 4 to 8 days depending on how the water levels were.

Other rivers that have some good places for boat trips are Montana Creek up towards Talkeetna, and the big Susitna also up north a bit. There are literally tons of places to go boating up there, but many of the rivers you can't drive up to which makes things a bit more expensive.

If you want a similarly beautiful trip I used to take about 8 to 10 days canoeing/Kayaking through the Nancy Lakes. They are a series of Lakes up past Palmer that have some great camping, a lot of wildlife and good portage trails between each of the lakes.

My favorite though was always the Russian river down to Skilak which is a fairly easy course with a decent amount of rapids, but no real falls of any kind. IF you use a raft for that trip though be carefull of the water levels when you go, there are some pretty jagged rocks through the copper river section that the bottom of a raft will tear on if you are not carefull navigating it.

This is the time of year when I really miss living up there, There are so many places to go in Alaska and really great stuff to do. I don't miss the winters up there though, that is what keeps me from moving home