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Wondering if anyone could help please.

We have a list of dates and places where we plan to tour Italy. We are from the UK and any help will be much appreciated!!

We are on a very small budget and would like information regarding travel (preferably train?), accomodation (anything cheap with own bathroom), basically ways to tour Italy spending as little as possible!

As I mentioned we have a list of dates and places we need to follow - if anyone can help, please reply.

Our first date is 10 July 2006 in Bari.

Thanks so much


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firstly you should know that train travel in Italy is not cheap. Have you looked into an interrail pass? I havent used one in a couple of years, so not sure of the cost efficiency, but do know that trains can be expensive. For a train timetable check out

It doesnt have prices though, you will have to do a google search for those. Also, is a good place to start looking for accom. I very rarely book from there - unless it is absoluteley necessary - as they charge a booking fee, but it will give you some idea of what is available and for what kind of prices.

Obvioulsy the bigger the city you stay in, the more accomm is going to cost. However, you can do it fairly cheaply as long as you arent to fussy.

If you have ne specific questions just let me know. I have been to the mjajority of major italian cities.


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I've always found Italian trains to be rather cheap actually, especially compared to other Western European countries (Belgium, France eg.): for example, last year I took a train from Castelraimondo to Rome (217 km) for 12.30 euros. And I even found this train to be very comfortable.
It does depend on the type of train you take: try to avoid the Eurostars and other long distance trains. You should probably check out the prices on for the trains you want to take, and then compare to the price of an Interrail pass.

I don't have any advice on budget accomodation...

Good luck with the planning of your trip !

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Thank you so much for all your help!

We've started to plan the trip & so far so good...trains seem to be alot cheaper!! :)

What would you suggest is the quickest & cheapest way to travel from Lucca to Palermo? Trains take 14 hours!! & flights dont seem to go direct...if anyone could help with that it would help a great deal!

We haven't started on accomodation yet but is great, thank you!!

Also, does anyone know how far it is from Bari Airport to Bari Centrale station?

Thanks again everyone!!


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I would say if you plan to travel a lot of long distances on trains the eurail pass may work out cheaper, but for shorter distances it is definatly cheaper and easier to just buy a ticker for each journey.

As for accomodation, being on the pound you will be better off then me on the AUD$, but accomodation across most of Italy is rather expensive for anything remotely nice (70euro+ a night). The cheaper hotels dont tend to advertise on the web, only the hostels tend to. I found that most hostels are very basic in Italy and will rarely have double rooms, generally only family rooms. Outside of high season the best option is to turn up and goto the tourist office and they will give you a list of hotels in the city and their ratings and prices.

But you would obviously want to book ahead for July.

Another option to always look out for is affita-camare (room to let) these can be fantastic, and you will generally have kitchen access etc. I had a fantastic place in Lucca and also Viareggio (cinque terre) the tourist office will often have a seperate list of these places if you ask for it.

Good luck!

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hi there,
you can check out the plus hostels listed on this site all over italy. the private twins all come with ensuite bathrooms, except the housetents, and go from €24 per room per night. A lot of them have public transport to the gate or their own shuttle buses into the city centre. The facilities are also excellent.
check out or for specific times and destinations and some even show the price. For point to point tavel you can't get cheaper than Italian trains(except the czech republic). England has the highest fares in Europe so after that everywhere is a lot cheaper.

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If you are still looking for info then check out, its got a good travel wall and would be quite useful for finding the smaller less commercial websites that are aboout the travellers and the places, not the money and commercialism..
I found it a few weeks ago when i was smurfing round and also managed to earna good bit fo money form their! Random sounding i know but if you check it out wou will understand. its not massive, but it has already built a fair bit in the past few weeks since i was on there last.

hope it helps you out - and enjoy europe...

later, chris

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I paste and copy from another thread some informations about trains:
web site to check timetable and prices:

fast trains:

ES (eurostar): the faster and more expensive (fast supplement to pay), not suggested if you've have to travel less than 3 hours.(in any case in some route run only local trains ). ES stop only in main stations (rome, florence, bologna, venice...)

IC,(intercity) EC,(eurocity) IC plus, IC Cisalpino... fast trains, fast supplement to pay,but less fat and less expensive than eurostars; stop in more stations.

local trains:

IR (interregional train), runs between 2 or more different regions: pretty slow.

R regional train: usually runs inside the same region; is the slowest train; stops almost in every station.

Both IR and R trains are the cheapest. You can buy in advance online or directly at the station when you leave, the price doesn't change.

you can reserve a seat only in ES, IC, EC, IC plus, Cisalpino and in general in trains with supplement. If you travel during vacation period reserving a seat is advisable. Reserving a seat cost a little bit more, something like 3 or 4 eur, I don't remember. You can reserve online or at the station, some hours between the leaving of the train (during vacation better reserve before, or you risk to do not find a seat).

reserving is COMPULSORY ONLY IN ES TRAIN : YOU CAN'T TAKE THE ES TRAIN WITHOUT RESERVE (BUT YOUR SEAT IS GUARANTEED.that one of the reasons why these trains are the most expensive).
you can take IC trains also without reserve, if they are very crowded you risk to travel standing.

Delays and refound: you can have a refound only if a fast train has a delay of more than 30min, and only if you have reserved.
Unfortunately, I don't think that is going to be useful for you: the refound is not money, but a ticket that refound you a risible money (30% of the ticket, or somethig like that), and besides, is not given at the station, but is sent home 3-4 months later, and you can only use this ticket to have a discount on another train ticket. (I tell you just as an information ).

REMEMEBER TO CONVALIDATE THE TICKET EVERYTIME YOU GET ON THE TRAIN.(if you buy a return ticket you have to convalidate both when you leave and when you can back).

from pisa to palermo by airplane low cost company: (the same company from Rome to Palermo)
you can check availabilty and prices, but I suggest you , if you want to fly, to reserve now (prices are constantly increasing).

Connections to bari airport: