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Hey there

I am going to Salamanca to study in September but I'm still hesitating because I have no idea if I'll be able to get a job there.
I'm fluent in French and English and my Espanol is not bad at all (I've already spent 6 months in Santander). I also have my degree in high school French and History teaching. Am I crazy to think I can find a job there, cause if so, I will look for another city (then, suggestion????), even though the program I want is in Salamanca. Everytime I go on job sites, I can't find anything.

Also, which is better, again in Salamanca? Finding a room in a flat or going in a residencia?

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first of all i have to say that i´m not from Salamanca and that i´ve been there just as a tourist. Despite of this i think that the average spanish job market that could be interesting for you would be something like this:

- You say you have a degree in History and French Teaching. To get a job in a high school it´s quite difficult as you have to pass a competitive exam (this is applied just to the public system).... and for that reason you should start considering looking for a vacancy in a private high school ( you´d need to start applying by now) as french teacher if it´s your mother tongue or you are proficient on it (i don´t think there are so much vacancies as history teacher in spain). After these private schools, next you have to consider small teaching centers , and last but not least (maybe even quite interesting) consider the option of teaching private language lessons.....

- Other options as working as foreing guide, translator and so.... seem to have a lot of people waiting for them... so next option:

- Pub, restaurant, hotel..... i think it´s a sector with a lot of people seeking for it and maybe not so big offer in Salamanca as in the islands or more seaside touristic areas....

I hope it´s been somehow helpful and not too much discouraging. If you have any other questions just tell it :)


3. Posted by mariqué (Budding Member 15 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


no you didn't discourage me (I really want to go so it would be tough).

I'll start looking for private schools and learning center right now. I love giving private lessons, I did it in Santander, but it implies that I have no job security before leaving

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So just in case...

private high school---> instituto privado, though it could be also colegio privado, ranging from primary to secondary education

learning center--> academia, or even centro de idiomas ( if it´s just for languages)

and to finish some
academias in salamanca

there in paginas amarillas you could start your search if you didn´t know where to :)

mucha suerte y un saludo

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Yes, you can always go for private classes. Being bilingüal, and native in those languages gives you usually more credit, and it pays quite well.

Salamanca is great, and full of students. YOu can go for bigger cities such as MAdrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia or Bilbao, where most companies (and international companies) are settled, but depends on how you like your life to be, in a small city or a bigger one. In any case Sevilla, Valencia and Bilbao, are not that big, and easy to live in.

Don't be discouraged... Difficult at the beginning, it will be great, you will love it anywhere you go!!!!!!!
I am 25 and starting University again (French Philology!), and even though the people I know thinks I am crazy for going back, I think that it's the best thing I can do right now!!!!

So go ahead and be corageous!!!!!!

6. Posted by yolandac8 (Full Member 159 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

And I should suggest a shared flat / appartment!!!!!

A residencia is good, but a flat even better!!! And in Salamanca there are plenty, just go to the uni and you will see notes everywhere!!!!

7. Posted by mariqué (Budding Member 15 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

thanks a lot, ou merci beaucoup, o muchisimas gracias

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I spent 2 years studying in Salamanca and 1 year more as a military there. I don't yhink that you will be able to find a job easily, but you never know. That's for sure you need to speak Spanish, no choice....
The best way to live there is sharing an apartment with more students. To find one do as I did, in your school will be more people in the same situation and between three or four you will try to find one, and sometimes check for ads in some pubs, universities where people leave messages trying to find someone to share with them. Residences are more expensive. At the moment you arrive you can go to a ‘pension’, is the cheapest way to spent the first days letting you time to find an apartment and to be installed there. I know one –I spent a year there-, next to downtown, I can try to find the telephone if you need. About neighborhoods where to live, depends where you go –‘facultad’- or preferences and the money you want to spend…. You will discover. Anyway if you need more info, my email is “enrikx” in yahoo. Good luck!

9. Posted by mariqué (Budding Member 15 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

how long can I expect to wait before finding a room. Could it be possible to find it (without confirming it) before leaving on the net?
It's not a boring town right? I mean, I was in Santander and even though people were nice, there wasn't a lot to do when it's not surf season.

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Salamanca is not close to boredom... Specially during the scholar period, when is FULL of students, and there are parties, concerts or just going out almost everyday... I don't think you can compare it to Santander in any way :-P