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I know it has been asked how much it would cost to travel in Europe but my question is slightly differente. How much does it cost to live there?
How much can I expect paying for a room in a flat, food and everything by month, in Spain especially.I know it depends on a lot of things but give me a general idea.

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Even giving a general idea is virtually impossible. Depends on country, region, neighbourhood, whether you want to rent or buy, a single room or an appartment, with peers or with a host, whether it's just you or a couple, what is your style of living, eating etc...

For Spain, I'd say it can be anything starting from a 700 euros a month, but that's the absolute minimum, in the poorer parts of the country, in the suburbs, without any kind of (health) insurance, with the absolute minimum quality of housing, food, life, no car, no bus rides. In Amsterdam, you'd need at least 1500 to reach the same level of (dis)comfort... see how impossible it is?

Niels (Amsterdam)

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Hello Mariqué,

I live in Madrid, and I will give you some costs, so that you can make yourself an idea.

I don't agree with bentivogli at all. I know spain and spanish costs very well and have been to Holland to. Spanish life quality is very good, we have a social health system for everybody. You can also take a private insurance, but that's up to. There are the same problems as in any other European country (and I have been living for long periods in France and in the UK, so I know what I am saying).

There are some parts cheaper than others. But with 800 Euros more or less you can do many things. I am still alive, and have a wonderful life. I eat out quite a lot, I go out, go to the movies, theatre, take rides back to the north (where I come from)...

Well let's get straight:

Rent: 300€ (that's what I am paying in Madrid. Is more or less the same in other parts of Spain such as Cataluña -Barcelona- and the Basque Country in the north. In other places, 200€-250€ should be the average. But it depends).

Food: 50€ per week (that's my average cost on food. And I buy almost everything I need, but not many fish and meat, just sometimes). You can cheek these sites for more info in each product (the websites are from supermarkets delivering home): / /

Transport: 40€ per week (that's the price for a monthly ticket for the A zone in Madrid... Of course it depends where you live in and where do you want to go, the zone changes and the prices as well).

Cinema: 6€ 0 8€ depending on the cinema

Beer: 1,20€ small one (caña) // 2,50€-3,50€ for a pint (although we don't call it a pint. Depending on where you have it, the centre or a neighbourhood

Alcohol: 7€ to 12€ Whisky & Cola for example, just to give you an example.

Meal out: this depends a lot. A "menú del día", which consists of 1 entrée, 1 main course and dessert is 10€ the average. Then for better menús is about 18€ or 25€. À la carte in an average restaurante isn't never less than 30€ per head (depending on the wine you choose).

Transport: 43€ return Madrid - Vitoria by bus (350km away from each other). Train is more expensive. For buses check and for trains

CD: 18€ average

Book: 16€-22€ more or less, always depending

Hostal night: 30€-40€

Hotel night: 90€-120€, depending on the hotel

2 bedroom flat in Madrid (60m2): 180.000€ - 240.000€, depending

2 bedroom flat in minor cities (60m2): 140.000€-180.000€

Minimum legal salary: 573€

Average salary: 800€-900€

Well, hope this gives you an idea of the costs.

Spain is anymore the bargain it used to be, at least for us.

People are very mistaken with Spain. We still have very low salaries and the prices are getting higher and higher. Of course there are other parts of Spain cheaper than this. For example in Andalusia.

Hope it helps!!!!

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I had some ideas because I lived in Santander for 6 months but I was with a family so rent and food, I was totally covered, which was nice but no freedom, not that nice